One Moment At a Time.

What if I told you happiness is yours right now, one moment at a time.

That if you centre yourself in this moment that there would be no ordinary moments. Life becomes vibrant and alive in all the “simplest” of things.

Life is to be lived in the present moment yet our minds take us back into the past and too far into the future. Worry, desires, neediness, fear all stem from trying to control the future and thinking about what may happen.

We need to come back to the here and now. Now is all that matters and all that exists. The past has already happened it doesn’t matter anymore.

The future doesn’t exist, it only exists in our imagination. Hence the reason we build up nerves, excitement, fear, and anticipation. We create stories in our mind of what could happen, or what would eventually make us happy. Unfortunately everyone is seeking happiness in the future yet it doesn’t work like that. They are fighting a losing battle. Happiness is here, now. Happiness is yours whenever you want it.

Happiness is a choice. Being in the moment is what matters the most. Being in the moment allows you to enjoy the little things.

Being in the moment you can choose to be happy.

Showers, baths, a drink of water, rain drops on the window, landscapes, the sound of your loved ones voice, touch, music, meditation.

The small things are what’s taken for granted and dismissed as we are in our heads lost in thought waiting for something much more interesting to come along and satisfy our wants and desires.

Surely 98% or more of our days are made up of “simple” things. Things we do routinely, lost in the future thoughts of what is to come.

You’re missing beautiful moments by not being mindful, aware, and grateful for each moment that happens as it happens.

Stop waiting for tomorrow. Enjoy now.

Stop waiting for happiness. Choose it now.

Stop waiting for the perfect time. Do it now.

Enjoy the little things. Be content now.

Be present, become aware, relish each moment.

Fear lives in the future, when you are present there is no fear. You are surrendering yourself to the now. Not attempting to control the future. Surrender to the now.

There are no ordinary moments.