Surrender To Life – Flow With It.

Are you trying to control what cannot be controlled? Life happens best spontaneously, try to control it and you’ll create problems.

Surrender yourself to the moment, life is chaos so surrender to it, don’t attempt to control everything around you.

Life is a lot more enjoyable when you relinquish your need for control. You can’t control everything and it often causes problems if you try. It will create pressure, unhappiness, stress and turmoil inside you.

Play, don’t take it so seriously. Enjoy each moment, don’t try to control the future because it won’t work.

We need to surrender ourselves to life and flow with it rather than try to control it and aim it in a straight line. Life isn’t linear, neither will it ever be.

It flows and changes moment by moment, when you surrender and flow with it the magic happens.

Life is ever changing.

Release your attachment to things, people, places and even thoughts/desires. Just do what you feel is right.  If something needs to change then allow it to happen. Don’t feel like you need to cling on to it. What was right yesterday doesn’t always mean it will be right in this moment today.

Live in the moment, listen to your body and your natural instincts. If something feels right then do it. If it doesn’t then simply say no.

Life will be a lot more enjoyable if you allow it to flow, life isn’t linear it flows all over the place. Flow with it. Surrender to it.

Surrender to the moment, allow yourself to relax into life and it will become a much more enjoyable adventure rather than a boring life of security where you are “safe” but constantly trying to control, and stop change so it stays exactly how it is.

Change will happen and it needs to. Don’t worry. Follow your instincts and flow with it.