Worry – Stop Worrying.

Worrying… One of the most pointless thought processes, yet highly used by most of the world.

When was the last time, IF EVER, that worrying helped you in anyway?

For me the answer is it never has.

So….. I gave it up ; )

Lot’s of people worry about the most ridiculous things.

Things that in reality matter very little.

Worrying really does absolutely nothing to help any of us. We need to learn to accept our situations at any given time. Then if needed, take the action that is possible for us at that time, if we can’t do anything about it, than just accept it until you can sort it out, simply relax knowing you have done all you can.

Worrying doesn’t solve anything, it just creates stress, unhappiness and takes you out of the present moment, keeping your mind in the imaginary future.

Because that’s all it is… Just your imagination let run wild.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist into it happens anything else is just thoughts. Relax into this moment.

The only moment that exists is this one and that should be made the most precious to us. This moment right now is all that is required.

The next time you are worrying, just ask yourself this –

Is this worrying serving me in anyway? Is it helping in anyway whatsoever?

Release your attachment to the outcome.

I don’t want to be too wishy washy about life and peoples problems, or whatever, but ask yourself does it really matter that much?

Life isn’t as serious as our minds like to make out. Take a step back and just observe.

We are taught to fear so much.

Haven’t we realised it makes much more sense to do the opposite and come from a place of love, not fear?

Release your attachment to outcomes and allow yourself to be worry free.

“Don’t worry, Be happy!”




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