Language and it’s ability to affect your mindset.

Language and semantics is an interesting thing, words seem so simple yet can have a huge affect on how we feel.

What we say or how we talk about something or someone can make a massive difference in how we feel and perceive something or someone.

In the English language we have fear based words and we have positive love based words.

Imagine if there was a different word for failure.  A word that means ‘I didn’t quite do it this time, but never mind I gained experience none the less and could easily keep trying, there’s no problem I’ll just try again’. Would we worry so much about messing up? Hellll no!

Certain words don’t need to be used in people’s lives, words such as failure and rejection. These are fear based words and will get you off to a bad start. ‘What If I fail?’ ‘What if I get rejected?’.

A good example is when men want to start meeting women. They straight away start using fear based words. “Chatting up”, “winning over”, “approaching” (You don’t approach your friends, you don’t approach your mum! What’s changed? She’s not a wild animal that needs a tactical approach ha ha).

With this kind of talk men are already building up fear; putting the women they meet on a pedestal and making it seem like some kind of task in which he has to fight for the women’s attention and interest. Why is it a one sided thing? Build a connection through being your authentic self. The opposite sex isn’t some mountainous task to overcome. Enjoy yourself.

What if you changed the language you used, what if you started thinking ‘I want to invite that girl into my life, or into my day’, ‘I am going to interact with that women, I am going give that women a good time and my desire.’

Before you were coming from a place of taking, and trying to win a monumental task that doesn’t exist, before you would be fearful, nervous, afraid of the outcome.

The second language is coming from a place of abundance and giving energy. You want to invite a women into something you already have going on. You want to give her a gift of your desire and fun. If they don’t accept the gift then you simply carry on doing what you were doing. How can there be fear when you are giving?

Lets go back to the word failure – Very young children who have not yet learned language properly are free of things like failure and rejection. Imagine a child trying to take it’s first steps and he keeps falling down. Imagine if he knew words such as failure and he started using that word. He would start being scared of the outcome of trying to walk, he may even give up because of the fact that he may fail.

But children don’t know these things, they are yet to be conditioned. They don’t care what you think of them when they fall down. They are egoless. Language hasn’t yet entered their world. They carry on trying, they do what they want, they are very changeable and aren’t afraid to show or change their emotions as each moment happens.

So all I am saying is try to become aware of the language you use. The words you use can make a dramatic change to how you feel about a situation. It can be positive or it can be fear based.

And that choice will change your reality more than you may realise. Give it a go!