Change – Surrender To The New

In life change is needed, when the time is right let the old go, and welcome the new.

“It is good that things go on changing, that every evening is not the same, that every day is not exactly a repetition. Something new – that is the very excitement and ecstasy of life, otherwise man will be so bored.  And those who have made their life secure are bored.”

“In life, nothing can be captured and imprisoned. One has to live in openness, allowing all kinds of experiences to happen, being fully grateful as long as they last.”


In life nothing needs to be held on to if it no longer serves you in the way you want it to. If something needs to change and you feel it intuitively that something isn’t right anymore than simply allow yourself to let it go.

We tend to hold onto things till the very end because we fear change, change could mean coming out of our comfort zones. It could mean falling into the unknown.

A common fear is the fear of the unknown, that’s why people tend to struggle with the idea of change. There are too many questions of what it could bring, what could happen if I let go and change my current situation??

Let change happen whenever it needs to. Our intuition allows us to recognise when something needs changing, the thing is we tend to ignore it or not recognise it for what it is.

Try to become more aware of yourself and let go, fall into the unknown, challenge yourself and grow!

ChangeChange can bring new challenges and this is what we need, change brings growth.

Break out of the need for security it will bring boredom. Have the courage to let go into change whenever need be, it could even be every day. No day is the same, and you don’t need to be either, what was right yesterday doesn’t always mean it will be right today!

Open yourself up to new experiences, fall into each moment fully present and aware, love and enjoy each moment and don’t be afraid to let go of whatever doesn’t feel right at any moment to then be able to accept the new and the beauty of the challenge it may bring.

Have the courage to welcome change, welcome it with open arms, fall completely into trusting the process of the ever changing universe.

The unknown is a beautiful thing, it will be a challenge, it will require courage. But it will also bring joy and satisfaction to each moment of your life much more so than sitting in your bubble of comfort, fearing the unknown.

Allow change, let go, surrender to the moment whatever it may bring.