The imagination poem

The Imagination Poem.

Imagination explained through a poem.

There’s a thing called imagination where dreams can start to show,

Your thoughts are powerful beyond what you know.

But if miss used can lead you astray,

Positive or negative it is it up to you to create.

Take control of your thoughts, visualise with emotion,

Positive thoughts can create a vast ocean.

Imagine great things or simply clear your mind,

Negative thoughts can bring things to a grind.

Meditation is your friend as it clears away clutter,

Thoughts of the future can often bring fear and worry simply let go because those “butterfly’s” need never flutter.

Used properly your imagination can allow your life to thrive, visualise success, manifest a beautiful reality,

Create your own story of happiness and strive for the best

Clear your thoughts and be in the moment, use imagination sparingly bring powerful emotions up in your chest.

The present moment is all you really need,

Let everything that isn’t needed go, thoughts can be hard to read.

Dream, be in the moment and take action with your life’s direction.

Live through love and your thoughts need never be a problem.