Alcohol – Can It Create Anxiety?

Does Alcohol Make You Anxious? Can It Create Anxiety?

If I was to tell someone to stop drinking, or give drinking a break because it will help them develop as a person, they would probably tell me to shut up and do one.

There are two things I want to tackle in this article and these are social anxiety and the “highs” and “lows” associated with alcohol.

I’ll start with social anxiety

The thing is for a lot of socially anxious or generally anxious people it will do them the world of good to stop drinking alcohol for a while.

Remember, drinking alchohol or getting drunk, brings with it an illusion. It breaks limiting thoughts up in our minds and allows us to be more confident then we normally would be, more daring,  more social, bubbly, and more fun.

Now if you aren’t any of these things when you aren’t drinking alcohol and you are a nervous, socially anxious person and not completely comfortable in own skin then we may have a problem. The issue isn’t being addressed and you are turning to drink to have a good time, and get your liquid confidence boost.

I myself took a stint of around 5 months without alchohol last year  and I was still going out to bars and clubs with my friends quite regularly. Now I didn’t go out and stand around all bored and insecure, I made sure I did exactly what I wanted even if it was out of my comfort zone…(What I mean by this is that there may of been a chance where i’d look “bad” in the eyes of others).

So I’m 100% sure a lot of people don’t dance straight away when they go out, it’s straight to the bar to get that glass of fun liquid confidence first then later they can dance and not care so much about the people around them.

Well with me, I learnt to not give a damn. If I wanted to dance I was dancing, If I wanted to talk to a women I thought was attractive I was on it. If I wanted to meet new people I’d do it, if I wanted to be a bit weird and do fun things then I would.

Most guys …..and girls! Need a fair few drinks before they will talk to the opposite sex or even dance on the dancefloor. If you are one of these people then you need to think about whether drinking is really a good thing for you at this time. Yes it’s fun, but are you progressing socially (This also may sound strange, but shyness and social anxiety hold people back in life, you aren’t able to express yourself fully and show the real you if you are worried about others opinions of you.) are you free from caring what others think of you? Probably not.

I invite you to stop drinking for a while to go out and learn to have fun without it. You may have a few bad nights/days in the beginning where you are trying to break into your new ways, but keep breaching your comfort zone and you will be surprised how much you can elevate your social skills, and the ability to stop caring what other peoples opinions are of you.

The second reason I want to address is the “highs and lows” of drinking alcohol –

Alcohol brings with it a high but the problem is that alcohol is a depressant meaning it will bring you up and make you feel great, be fun, and more confident but then the next day or the day after you’ll come right back down below your normal emotional state bringing you anxiety and possibly not feeling too good about things in your life.

Now if you drink a lot (normal Friday/Saturday binge drinking is considered a lot.) then you will have emotional ups and downs which creates anxiety, you may find yourself waking up the next day feeling weird about things in your life and this is anxiety built up through having the high of the alchohol and going into a world of illusion then coming back down to earth the next day or the day after.

I have felt this before myself waking up and feeling an anxiety about nothing at all in particular just something wouldn’t feel right, nowadays I recognise it for what it is and accept it as a down from drinking understanding it’s nothing more than that and there are no real problems or anything to worry about at all.. woooooo!

I’ve spoken to a few friends about this as well and a few have admitted that they feel alcohol has led them to being a more anxious person at one time or another or even now. It led them to worrying about nothing that really needs to be worried about. All things they normally handle fine would start becoming a little more daunting. The come down associated with drinking a lot of alcohol or doing drugs can build up and actually create anxiety which builds up and can stay with you for a long time if not addressed and worked through!

I’m sure you all have felt the effects I am talking about and most of you probably don’t care to much about it, drinking is of course a lot of fun so who cares about the effects ey?? But if you are reading this it’s likely you are trying to grow as a person in one way or another and would like to feel happier living a worry free life? Being aware of anxieties and where they are coming from is very important and you can start to recognise they aren’t real at all, and you can work through them.

Taking a break from drinking alcohol will show you the difference once you realise how much more positive, confident, and level headed you start to feel without emotional ups and downs.

Here are 5 more quick reasons to stop drinking alcohol for a while –

1. You will save heaps of money that you can now spend on what ever you please! The amount of money spent on alcohol (including taxis is insane.. people could go travel all over the world with the savings made after some people stop drinking. 

2. You will learn to have fun, be more socially free (Losing fear of opinions of others).

3. You won’t kill your brain cells, and you won’t have hangovers. Imagine this, you go out at night to some great bars listen to good music, you have a great night where you meet loads of cool people, and have some great experiences, even meeting a girl or guy you find attractive.. then the next day you wake up feeling great! Ready to have fun again, not laying in bed wasting the day feeling sorry for yourself.

5. Lastly your confidence will grow through the ability to stay strong and not drink even when people try to get you to. People won’t understand when you tell them you want a break from drinking they will try to break you as they feel it’s not normal to go out and not drink if they are drinking they expect you to as well. Hold your ground and do what you feel is right for you. It will also grow through being able to socialise and have fun without “liquid confidence”, it will grow when you realise you can talk to people you are attracted to without getting drunk first. And it will grow when you realise that no one actually cares what you look like etc.. they are too worried about how they look at the time to worry about you.

Of course this is all just my opinion on drinking and trust me I’ve done my fair share of it but through experience I recognise that it will definitely do some people the world of good! There is no doubt about it. Anyone who is anxious and wants to release themselves from fears that hold us back like opinions of other and shyness and for anyone who wants to not have emotional come downs and feel much more positive and confident about everything in their lives then I invite you to give it a good shot.

Step out of the illusion go sober for a while, and observe the world around you. You’ll love the effect it has on your development as a person and of course your bank account ;).