Shut The F**k Up And Listen.

Sometimes we should all be able to just the shut the f**k up and listen! This article is going to explain why.

Throughout my life I have always been an observant person, being shy when I was younger I would often keep out of conversations in groups and just listen and observe more than the average person would.

I am still like it now even though I’m not shy any more – I just prefer sitting back and listening to people over actually talking a lot.

And you know what, I actually think it is a bit of a blessing to enjoy listening and observing. Being a thinker I actually learn a lot about people and places just by sitting back and watching the world around me, or just actively listening to the people talking to me.

Often people are so wrapped up in their own heads they just talk and talk about themselves or whatever else, so when it comes for the other person to talk they just don’t listen properly -normally they just want to go back to talking again even if it has nothing to do with what you just said; they will often cut into what you are saying. Annoying right?

Everybody likes a listener – If you look at all the tips out there for a better social life, better networking and better interactions they all say learn to actively listen. Think about it – How good does it feel when someone sits there and listens attentively to what you say? It feels good right?

I don’t know about you, but it’s nice when someone really listens intently to what you say rather than talking your ear off and not allowing you to get a word in edge ways.

Of course we all need to talk, not just listen otherwise we would all just be sitting there listening to each other’s nothingness – but I definitely think being observant and learning to listen actively is a great skill to have.

Here are 3 reasons why I think being observant is good sh*t –

  1. People become interested in you because you are interested in them – By actively listening to people it shows them you are interested in what they have to say and them as a person, funnily enough people love that – I’m sure you do right? And through my experience if someone is interested in me I’m much more inclined to want to learn about them.
  2. You become less distracted and more present – When you are observant and listening properly to someone you will be in the present moment, you won’t be lost in your own thoughts, distracted by your mind. People often have social anxiety because of over thinking things, worrying about judgement and opinions of others – by simply being more present you won’t have these anxious thoughts, all that will matter will be listening or observing it’s that simple.
  3. You will learn to read peoples body language and feelings- This is pretty darn important when it comes to meeting new people, or finding out how you are coming across in any interaction. Reading people is basically developing empathy it’s an awareness of their feelings at any given time. No doubt you won’t get it right 100% of the time but I’ve got a feeling through awareness we can be pretty accurate with it. When it comes to noticing a person’s body language it’s important as around 80% of our communication is through that language – the more aware you are of your own body and the more observant of others you are the better.

I think being able to sit back calmly and listen has been a blessing for me, maybe it’s not for everyone but I still think we should all have a basic of awareness of it and learn to become more observant and a better listener.

Deep down we all know it feels a lot better to be listened to then have our ear talked off. So maybe we need to find that all important balance.

It’s good to be interested in people – The more they know it the better so shut the f**k up and listen ;).