How To Be A “Sober Drunk”

Ever been a little nervous socially but then after getting drunk became this supernova social beast? One that can talk to anyone and pull the opposite sex like no tomorrow? Only to wake up the next day feeling weird about the night before and wondering what the hell you got up to or where all that craziness came from? Yeah I bet you have ha ha.

Secondly have you seen that episode of Friends with the guy Monica is dating they call “Fun Bobby”?

Well in that episode the guy called Fun Bobby is really fun to be around. Monica really enjoys dating him until one day she finds out he is an alcoholic. She ends up helping him get sober again only to find out he is really boring without alcohol and can’t wait to get rid of him, ha ha.

In my opinion there are a lot of “Fun Bobby’s” out there. It’s a shame to see alcohol is the only thing that loosens a lot of people up.

Alcohol releases us from our social “boundaries”. It brings us up to a euphoric state where everything seems possible. We become almost thoughtless, spontaneous in our action’s, we say and do exactly what we want with no thought to the outcome. No wonder we all love it so much right?

But there’s a problem – alcohol and drugs have side effects, they kill brain cells, poison your body through chemicals. They ruin your physique and fitness. They create anxiety in your normal day-to-day lives and it slowly kills your ability to naturally get into that euphoric, spontaneous, creative “flow state” instantaneously throughout your day-to-day.

This means we can’t work or play in our best creative selves and our best work won’t be able to come forward. (The ability to do this comes from the right side of the brain which I will talk more about further along the article.)

For many alcohol and drugs are an escape from reality. Drinking can take you into this fun world where problems don’t exist. Where anxiety is gone, where you don’t have to think any more. You can simply flow around doing what you want and being that crazy, confident person you always dreamt of being.

What if I were to tell you that you don’t need drink or drugs to do that any more?

You can reach that same flow state that drink gives you without having to poison your body or spend half your earnings every night out.

For me on a night out I want to enjoy myself with friends, listen to good music, groove about, meet new women to get intimate with or just meet some new people to hang out with (Yes okay… Mainly women).

That’s all I really want from it so technically none of those things require me to drink as long as I can enjoy myself without it, which thankfully I can.

Flow is the ability to joyously give your energy or yourself to those around you in a spontaneous, creative, “flowing” way. Flow can’t happen when you are self-conscious.

Flow can’t happen when you are trying too hard, you can’t try at all and you can’t try not to try (I know, confusing right?.) It just has to happen, you have to fully surrender to the moment and just bounce around freely.

Let’s talk about the right side of the brain –The right hemisphere of the brain is the intuitive, creative, playful, irrational, loving side of the brain.

Spontaneous action flows from this side, but it needs to be in balance with the left side. The left side is the logical, rational, mathematical type side. Unfortunately the left brain on most people is taking over most of the control and it means we are being too logical, too rational and not living to our fullest creativity. The left brain is just too noisy on the thoughts front and holds you back in being creative.

I read an article yesterday that explained about warming up the right side of your brain when wanting to start something creative.

It said in relation to writing: If you want to write something but don’t know where to start, then just bring up a blank sheet and start writing at random. Let it flow out from you and warm up that right side of the brain until it feels like your thoughts are flowing freely with no restraints.

So I gave it a go and this is part of what came out on the topic of “flowing” –

‘Flow means jumping around like a mad man and being you fully, loving what you can, and all you can. It means being a bit of a mad man or woman and living fully while going for exactly what you want. Laughing, being giddy, loving fully, always being kind and completely un-realistic to what most of us see as normal behaviour. Just running with what really resonates with you and living without logical, rational thoughts.

Experiencing the present moment for what it really is, a big beautiful space in time where nothing really matters all that much, it should just be pure bliss from the heart. Living in the moment means loving every feeling, every action, every word, every bit of nature, every bit of the universe. With this energy you will flow.’

This probably should have been a bit more gibberish though, I guess some could argue it is :P, but that’s what came out and it felt great just to get started and get thoughts flowing.

Let’s look at how we can build our energy up into this flowing person that I keep harping on about –

The truth is that the right brain can be warmed up. It can be developed to work in harmony with the left side, it’s all about that balance.

We can warm it up through taking action or being fully present. Through dynamic meditation/ sitting meditation or doing a specific “warm up” for whatever we are going to do creatively.

Let’s use social situations for an example – warming up your social right brain is surprisingly easy.

Try this – go outside into a street (where there are people preferably) and smile at them as you walk past, keep smiling at everyone, don’t expect anything back, just smile naturally; really feel yourself giving to that person through your smile.

After a little while start talking to people at random, go into shops and chat to staff. Say hello to people on the street, give people compliments, pat dogs, do random acts of kindness as you walk around.

Before you know it you will be in a flowing state where rational thoughts don’t exist. You won’t be trying to impress anyone, you won’t try to take anything and what you say and do is literally just flowing out of you. You are moving from moment to moment spontaneously and creatively with no effort at all, you won’t be coming from the ego where self-consciousness lives, as you are just purely giving.

BOOM SHUKALAKA – you have found your right brain and you will definitely have a great time with it meeting new people and giving to everyone and everything around you, whether it’s just a smile or a compliment, or just silliness that is infectious to be around.

So carry on drinking and doing drugs if you like, but I invite you to try a different approach. Develop your ability to use the right side of your brain – don’t drink for a while just practice flowing, giving and loving more fully. All this may sound a bit silly but “warming up” into your days and nights out instead of heading to the bar or bottle will do wonders for your growth as a person.

It feels f**king cool when you are flowing with life, surrendering to the moment, accepting how you are feeling but taking action and having a great time regardless.

There are no come downs, no side effects (Unless you count growing as person and being an awesome guy or girl who is fun as f*ck to be around and does things out of the ordinary).

We all want to create awesome work, whether it’s our own business, our passion/hobby, or just the work you do for someone else. Through this right side of the brain activity things will start to become a lot more creative and a lot more fun!

Let’s go be spontaneous in our actions!


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