Make A Choice.

I think it’s very easy to forget that we make choices in our life. We can choose what path we tread. We can choose how we live our lives. We can MAKE A CHOICE that will serve to help us rather than hinder us in any situation.

You probably think: well that’s obvious right, obviously we make choices. But really think about it….. Are you really taking your power back and making the choices that matter? The ones that are helping you grow, the ones that are helping you be happy, the ones that are leading you on the path of your real passions and purpose?

As humans we pretty much run on a series of habits we create over a period of time, which of course turns into us doing the same sort of things each day. Not everything runs off habits, but a lot does. Such as food choices, how often we look at our smart phones, productivity, where we go out, who we spend time with, what we do when we get home from work, how we earn money and many more.

Making the “right” choices for you requires you to be fully present and aware. This presence breaks habits down as you are aware of when you are trying to run on auto pilot and of course as soon as you are aware you will no longer be running on auto pilot. You then take the power back.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, taking the easy path and sticking to what you know instead of making choices that will really help you grow.

Here are some choices that could be tough to make –

  • Do I watch television in the warm comfort of my home, or do I get up and get out to the gym?
  • Do I eat junk, or do I eat healthy food?
  • Do I carry on doing a job I am not particularly enjoying, or do I take steps every moment I get to change my career?
  • Do I carry on learning and learning about my passion or do I just start pursuing it straight away? No matter how uncomfortable it feels?
  • Do I hang around with the friends that bring me down, or do I actively start finding new friends that serve me better and bring a positive vibe to my life?
  • Do I stay in a “toxic” relationship that brings me nothing but unhappiness, or do I let go of the comfort of being with someone and break free from the woman or man who doesn’t bringing me happiness?
  • Do I make money doing comfortable things, the things I know? Or do I step out of my comfort zone and pursue my real purpose?

As you can see from the list, the choices we make everyday determine a lot. The choices we make can either lead you down the path of unhappiness, bad health, a comfortable life where you don’t grow, being around the wrong people and not pursuing your passions.

Or! They can be the complete opposite and bring you happiness, fulfilment , good health, an uncomfortable life where real personal growth happens and living a life in line with your real purpose. Doing the things you are actually passionate about.

I know first-hand that it is very easy to make the easy choices, the ones we are a little too comfortable with, the ones we just let run on auto pilot and never have to feel uncomfortable about. Unless it’s that unhappy, unfulfilled feeling that gets suppressed and hidden as much as possible.

For me I make a choice to work on my real passion each day. By working on this website writing articles, making videos and updating my social media as often as I can. I’m making the choice to tread the path of my real purpose. I love doing it and trust me when I say it’s not the most comfortable decision pursuing this as my job, the thing that’s eventually going to put food on the table for years to come. Sometimes it’s very easy to think – ‘Ah I’ll just get a normal job that brings in a solid, consistent wage each month and I can just be comfortable in knowing it’s there and people won’t expect too much from me’.

But no, this is what I want and I am making a CHOICE everyday to put as much effort as I can into making it a successful business, reaching as many people as I can with my material and changing lives.

The last thing I want is regrets and I know if I walked away from my true purpose I would wither away inside; part of me would die because I knew I didn’t give the things I love my all because I didn’t make the uncomfortable choices when it mattered most.

So MAKE A CHOICE. Be present and aware as much as you can, step into the uncomfortable because that is where real growth lies. Make choices that will lead you on the path that is best for you.

Every moment counts, every choice you make every day is determining everything that is to come in your life.

Make a choice.