Courage – Live From The Heart.

‘I think courage is the ability to move forward regardless of your fears, its a state of openness, a willingness to be vulnerable.

It’s giving yourself fully to the world. There’s no holding back at all.

With passion anything is possible.’ 

The courageous have something about them. They go about the world freely, seemingly not restrained by anything.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is what comes of changing your relationship with fear.

Does the feeling you get when you come out of your comfort zone excite you, or does it feel negative to you?

Do you feel isolated with your fears? Does it seem like you are the only one feeling what you feel?

Or do you realise the best things will come to you when you are out of your comfort zone? Do you realise the uncertainty and the uncomfortable things make us feel alive?

They make our lives exciting. The courageous feel fulfilled with who they are and what they have. But they know that to really participate in life and live their purpose means to step into the “uncomfortable”, into their fear.

But… When you live from the heart it won’t feel like fear, it will feel like excitement. It will feel fresh, alive, real.

Fear drops when you live through your passions, fear drops when you give, fear drops when you feel the connection, not separation between everything and everyone.

Fear drops when you love yourself, fear drops when you extend that love out to the world.

Fear drops when you live in the present moment taking each step courageously, doing what feels right.

Have the courage to step into your fears, because when you relax into them you will realise they never really existed.

And if that doesn’t make any sense to you then you haven’t yet allowed yourself that pleasure.

So go for it, live passionately, follow your purpose. Follow your gut and do what you love.

Use courage, live from the heart.


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