It's not all about you

It’s Not All About You

Remember this the next time you feel anxious or fearful – It’s not all about YOU.

Have you ever realised that if you stop making things all about you, then fear/anxiety, worries… All drop away?

What if things stopped always being about you? Would you care about opinions and judgement from others if you saw yourself as a gift to them? One which they can either accept or not accept, but you carry on being that gift regardless?

Can’t you make it about others? Can you give yourself fully to the world? Serve others first? Give yourself as that gift!?

Get out of your own way and serve others. If it’s all about you, you are actually getting in the way of yourself.

Let me explain – To flow freely without fear it can’t just be about you, because the moment it becomes about you then you are looking to take. This wanting to take means you are coming from a place of neediness and that brings anxiety.

I need this job/thing/person/acceptance/money etc.. to make ME feel better, to help ME feel fulfilled. You are creating fear because you are making it about you, putting pressure on yourself to fill a “gap”.

But make it about others and it’s a completely different story.

You become a gift to the world, your actions are all geared toward serving others.

The other day I was out with some friends seeing a gig, I happened to see this girl that I thought was attractive, in particular it was her eyes that caught my fancy, they were a crazy green colour that I don’t often see. When I went to talk to her I was going to tell her what I thought about her eyes, I was going to give her a gift of a simple compliment. But before I even said anything she just chose to ignore me and walk off.

Now I could have made this about me – I could have taken that as a rejection against me, is it the way I look? Am I not good enough to talk to? What did I do wrong? Blab, blab, blab.

But I didn’t, I simply chose to give my gift anyway, so I spoke to her friend and told her to tell her friend who didn’t even give me a chance to talk that I think her eyes are an incredible green colour. I didn’t care about the outcome, I gave my gift and she could accept it or decline it, but it wasn’t going to affect my state of mind.  So I carried on having a good time regardless, fulfilled either way.

If you can get into that state of serving others, being a gift to the world then you can’t be rejected, you won’t feel fear, you won’t worry about the opinions of others, you won’t worry about much at all, if anything.

You simply live your purpose and use your purpose to serve others, there are many ways to make yourself feel like a gift.

Some people/places won’t be open to receive your gift but carry on giving regardless, that’s the beauty of it, you aren’t losing anything by giving. You won’t have any attachment to the outcome.

Now don’t think I mean you can’t receive things yourself because you most definitely can. And you better believe you deserve it.

Serve others, but ask for what you want, be open to receive as well as give. Even receiving can be a gift to others.

Like if you went for a job, you could say – ‘If you GIVE ME this job than I’ll bring this ______ value to the work place’.

Be open to opportunities that present themselves and allow yourself to receive.

Giving means kindness for the sake of WANTING to give unconditionally. You have to want to do it.

Now stop making it about you, and start making it about others.

Every time you feel anxious about what you are doing, simply check in with yourself and see where your intentions are coming from. Become aware enough to switch from an intention of taking, to one of giving your gift.

Believe me when I say you can be that gift.