just relax

Just Relax

Listen – I know that no one can help you relax by telling you to relax because it’s not something you can try to do. After all if you are trying to relax the very action of trying is stopping you from relaxing right?

But in this article I’m going to give you new ways of looking at things in the hope that you will simply drop your tensions and worries and just relax into life.

I’m going to ask you a simple question – Are your intentions good or bad? In your everyday actions do you have good intentions or do you have bad intentions?

I’m going to take a guess and say that you answered or wanted to answer that you have GOOD intentions. So you are living your life with the intention of doing good in all that you do right? No matter what mistakes you might have made, you always had good intentions?

Then why do you ever worry, be anxious, or negatively feel fear? You can relax. You are intent on doing good and your actions are good, that is the very best you can do.

I don’t know if you have ever had this before; I’ve heard it from a few people and experienced it a couple of times myself – but you know when you have something important to do the next day, or you have a responsibility to be at work early to open up or your boss expects you there at a certain time. You then suddenly feel like the world would end if your alarm didn’t go off the next morning!

You double-check you’ve set it right, you set several alarms so you don’t miss the first one and it’s never not gone off before. Your intentions are good, you want to be there on time and you’ve taken the steps to make sure that happens.

But still you don’t relax… when it comes to sleeping you worry that you won’t wake up in the morning, so when you do finally get to sleep you dream about not waking up and being late. You probably keep waking up earlier then the actual alarm time because you are scared you won’t be woken by it..

Now if you allowed yourself a little laugh because you know what I’m talking about, then just take a moment to realise how RIDICULOUS this really is!

You know that you took action so that you would wake up the next morning in time, your intentions were good, you want to wake up then and you want to be there on time. So why not relax right? The right action was taken, your intentions are clear so you can relax knowing you did the BEST you can to wake up in time.

Now if for some strange reason it didn’t go off and you over slept would it really be that big of a deal? Probably not. You have nothing to worry about as YOU know that your intentions were good and you took the right action. There was nothing else you can do. They would have to accept that and so would you.

Start applying this mindset to EVERYTHING. Have good intentions, take action when you can and drop everything else. Just relax.

We worry about the most insane things, our minds often bounce around from topic to topic wanting to create activity when it isn’t needed.

Personally I have become very relaxed ever since I realised if I’m taking the right actions, my intentions are good and I’m doing the best I can for me and others then why would I ever fear or worry about anything at all.

There isn’t any need for it, we all need to drop our need for certainty and control because we’re never going to fully have it. Relax and surrender to the moment, surrendering means not trying to control anything, it means taking action then sitting back and simply relaxing. It means flowing with the uncertainties of life and knowing only this moment,now really matters. The intentions you have and the action you take.

So please relax, stop worrying.

If you have good intentions. Just relax.