Do we need confidence?

Do We Need Confidence?

What is confidence really? Do we need confidence?

The answer for me is, I don’t think we do. I think using this word is making the simplest of things into something that’s a challenge, difficult to achieve.

Confidence is normally used in the context of social situations, so it’s essentially saying that social situations are something to overcome, a challenge, something difficult.

But let’s think about this – Since when did talking with another human being become difficult? It’s something we have done all our lives, it’s as natural as it gets. Yet when it comes to meeting someone new, suddenly there is a need to have confidence.

It’s making such natural simple things into something you eventually achieve. Ever heard this or said this? – ‘I wish I was more confident so I could talk to that girl or guy’, ‘When I’ve built my confidence up I’ll go for that job’, or ‘I used to be confident, but I lost it’.

I think the need to become confident is just covering up what you already are. Becoming confident will just be a mask, something you put on so you come across in a more powerful, impressive way. We don’t need confidence.

Why don’t we quit using the word confident, or confidence and simply change it to being more relaxed in ourselves. When you relax into yourself, you aren’t self-conscious, your body language changes, you hold yourself differently. You can be just as you are, relaxed just as you should be, comfortable with yourself and comfortable with others, knowing you don’t have to overcome a challenge, because there isn’t one to overcome.

When I became what everyone calls “confident” nothing really changed. I just relaxed into MYSELF. It was me accepting me as I am and allowing myself to be that person, instead of wearing a mask or suppressing myself. It’s a relaxed state of being.

Just see things as you did when you were a child, start playing with life, not resisting it.

Throughout ours lives we have been conditioned to believe there is a separation between people. But there isn’t, we are all connected. It’s the undoing of this conditioning that needs to be done. It’s going back to seeing the world as you did as a child. Seeing it as a beautiful playground with unlimited opportunities to give and have fun.

Seriously it upsets me when I think about how separated we have all become, barely able to look a person in the eye when we pass on the street.

Look up, smile, say hello.

Play. Connect.

I hope you enjoy the video.