Gratitude – Are We Missing Something?

What are we looking for in our lives? Is this moment really not enough? 

Are we missing what we have? Are we missing the beauty that is around us because we are always looking for something more?

I’ve been asking myself these things lately because I’m becoming more and more grateful for what I have in my life, the people, the places I live and go, nature, food, my fully working body and brain, the air I breathe, the money I earn –  Everything.

In this gratitude I came to consider what drives us to want more than what we have, so much that we start to make ourselves feel unhappy, we start to feel like what we have isn’t good enough. That we NEED more. That we need to “escape”.

In these thoughts do you think we are missing the beauty that is around us?

Of course there is nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself, there is nothing wrong with wanting new experiences. After all we are here constantly experiencing, so we may as well make those experiences as great as we can.

Stop a moment, look around you and appreciate life.

Gratitude is incredibly powerful, it will quite literally transform your experiences  throughout your days, nights, lives.

Gratitude is going to bring you to this moment, here and now. When was the last time  you looked up at the sky and felt gratitude? When was the last time you felt the light and  heat of the sun and expressed gratitude?

In our lives it’s very easy to forget how great what we have is, we start missing things  because: ‘One day I’m going to do this!’, ‘I can’t wait till this happens’, ‘Yeah this is nice,  but it’s nothing compared to this’ – See where I’m going right?

I bet you’ve heard or said these things before? I know I have. Well these things start to  make us unhappy as we are. We forget to be grateful for what we have.

I myself am making a habit of gratitude at the moment, if I’m doing something I don’t particularly enjoy and it starts to irritate me I’ll stop and list the things I am grateful for and I’ll carry on knowing I’m doing the right thing. If I’m annoyed with family or friends I’ll think of the things about them that I am grateful for and show kindness as best I can.

I list things in my head that I’m grateful for when I go to sleep at night, I’ve heard some people write them down, but I feel listing them in my head is enough. I aim for 10 things, but rarely make it past 4 before I’m out cold ha ha. That’s how relaxing it is to be grateful.

Let’s start stopping and being grateful for the place we are, the people we are with, the sun on our backs, the fact that we have money to spend, the fact that we have food to eat and water to drink.

Don’t miss half your life, looking for something else, something more. Because you are going to miss a lot of amazing moments that you will be blind to, because of this, wanting more, needing more mindset.

I could be wrong, but have you ever stopped for a second and considered how lucky you are?

Practice gratitude. It’ the most relaxing thing there is.