The Food Industry – You Are Being Deceived.

How much do you love yourself?

No I don’t mean in a look in the mirror every 5 seconds, egotistical kind of way.

I mean do you care for yourself enough to realise that everything you put inside your body is having an effect on the way you feel, how much energy you have, how you look, the functioning of your brain, heart, lungs – everything.

I mean we are pretty much disrespecting ourselves every time we eat something that doesn’t nourish our bodies. The body that we are born in and are so lucky to have, is everyday either being nourished or slowly destroyed by the choices we make.

The human body is truly amazing, even after all the junk that is thrown into our body on a regular basis it will still manage to cope and function. But not as well as we may think, until most of us start eating healthy and drop the junk, we don’t actually realise just how sh*t we felt before. The body adapts yes, but it’s still doing you a lot of harm and the sad thing is, we get so used to feeling crap, we forget just how crap we really feel. Not good, right?

Now, although it is our choice what we put in our bodies, there is one big problem.

That problem is the food industry. The mastermind marketers of the world that easily infiltrate our brains into thinking that all the processed, unhealthy foods that are so easily available, are going to make our lives somehow better. Just because of the way it all makes us “feel good” temporarily.

They know that humanities addictive nature to the feeling you get when you eat a chocolate bar or fast food, is similar to that of hard drugs.

They very easily convince you that having a “treat” is normal and that you always deserve that “treat”. You are convinced that life wouldn’t be as enjoyable if you couldn’t eat these foods.

I often hear people say ‘Oh, I couldn’t give up that! I love it too much, I’ve got to have some treats in my life surely?!’.

Now the thing is, we don’t actually love those processed foods, we love the feeling we get from eating them. We are addicted to them, the food industry have us in the palm of their hands, and they are loving it.

The more they convince you that the fake food they create is great. The more money they make and funnily enough, in turn the drug industry is laughing too, because the more processed food people are eating, the more medicine they are needing to cover up the damage it is doing.

These mass marketers know exactly what they are doing, and unless we become aware enough of it and start loving and respecting ourselves enough to stop giving money to people who are killing our energy, while causing disease throughout most of the western world, the more money they will continue to make from our ignorance.

None of us will truly experience what it feels to have real energy throughout our days and how long we can stay healthy and strong throughout our lives way into old age.

I myself easily fall prey to addictive foods, but I’m slowly breaking away. It’s a case of making the right choices and stopping to think each time I get the urge to eat junk, instead choosing something healthy that still tastes great! Because eating healthy, natural foods does taste great, we just don’t realise it as much because the processed foods have far stronger tastes that tickle that “feel good” part of our brains.

My friend made a great point the other day on how people seem to ridicule the idea of a “purist” lifestyle, meaning eating healthily and living healthily in terms of exercising everyday, etc.

People seem to think it’s crazy when these so-called “purists” eat nothing but nourishing food that are healthy and nutritious. The fact they eat no processed foods or junk in their day-to-day diet astounds some people. They say things like ‘What?? You don’t eat chocolate? But don’t you miss it?’ Or  –  ‘How do you keep it up? You must be so disciplined’.

In these two questions alone you can see what the marketers and the additives in food have done to our mindsets about food.

We need to change our mindsets when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. We need to think of healthy eating as something that is completely normal, not something to strive toward or jump into now and again as many people who go on “diets” do.

It just needs to become a normal thing in western society to eat natural, wholesome food.

By choosing to eat healthy, nutritious foods put on this earth to help us function as well as we possibly can, we are showing that we really do have love, care and respect for ourselves.

It also shows that we are grateful enough of our fully working bodies and brains (If that’s what you have been blessed with) that we want to treat it right, that we want to feel consistently satisfied and energised by wholesome food to really live life to its fullest.

We are all in this together, please don’t feel that you are the only one who constantly desires and feels the need for fast and processed food, we all have that addictive side to our brains and we can all work through it together.

It just takes awareness of self and a mindset change – from one of giving the power to the people who want you to live an unhealthy lifestyle, that only profits them.

To one of wanting to take the power back and eat in a way that serves you the best for you and your families life and creates an abundance of vitality in your day-to-day that spreads to others around you.

Why would you want to develop disease and give up your health, by giving large corporations your money, you are sacrificing your health for their gain. Crazy, right? Well… it’s happening, everywhere.


This is part one of a two part article. In the next article I will cover what constitutes as a healthy lifestyle, and how we can make it just that- A lifestyle, that really benefits YOU.


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