Heart intuition

Fulfilling partnership series Wk1, Pt2: Following Our Heart Intuition.

Following Our Heart Intuition

Welcome back,

Yesterday I asked you to sit in these questions:


  1. How do I want this relationship to look and feel?
  2. What's my vision? How do I visualise this relationship?
  3. How do I envision my partner being? (Are they right for me?).
  4. How do I envision me being with my partner? (What are my actions, values and beliefs).
  5. What does a fulfilling partnership look like to me?

If you missed that article you can read it Here

Hopefully by now you've come up with something that rings true with your true heart desire, to follow our hearts is our greatest gift to ourselves and to others because once we know our hearts desire, we can then fully commit ourselves in that direction, going full force no matter what the cost..

If we truly desire our partner and we have found this from our heart intuition and mind fully chosen it, then our partners will feel it, they will feel truly loved, they will feel truly seen, they will feel chosen and appreciated.

What a gift.

Now we know our hearts desire, now we know how we want our relationship to look and feel, then the next set of question arise.

Those questions are as follows: 

Does our current relationship look and feel the way we envisioned it?

If not then firstly, why not? Seriously ask yourself this….. Why not!?

And secondly, what can you do about that right now?

What action must be taken to move our relationship in the direction of our vision for how we want it to look and feel?

Wow, can you feel the power in these questions?

Just from these questions, we have stepped fully into our personal power, we have taken responsibility for our life, for our relationship and for ourselves..

We can then take massive action in the direction of what our hearts desire.. It's our choice, it always has been.. It's time to take the lead, moving in the direction of personal bliss no matter what the cost.

So today's homework is this, if you so desire to take up this invitation: 

Ask yourself these questions, delve deep, get honest with yourself and don't hold back.

Sit alone in a quiet environment with no distractions so you can really connect with your heart intuition, really listen to your 'gut feeling'. 

For some of you out there these heart intuition questions could create a massive needed change in your lives, for others it will confirm how much you want the relationship you have which will create much more appreciation for your partner.  


Im not telling you it's the right thing to do, but I'm asking you to find out yourself and be honest about what you really want. 

I'm here to help you with this process and I've got your back, at anytime during this phase you can message me, tell me your feelings, tell me your fears, tell me your insights.. I'll listen and I'll guide you in the direction you have found best for yourself.

We need to take our power back, so we can create true loving relationships in this world that fulfill everyone involved so we can look back on our lives and say, yes, I truly loved and I was truly loved, and that feels amazing no matter what.

Stay tuned for week two of my fulfilling partnerships series.

Much love,


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