Fulfilling Partnerships Series Wk2, Pt3: Vulnerability

Real power lies in vulnerability

Welcome to Part Three of this week's topic of honesty and authenticity, for me this is the most important article this week, vulnerability.

If you stumbled upon this and haven't yet read Part One & Part Two then follow the links and there you have it.

Vulnerability… What is vulnerability? Well there is one thing I know and that thing is this...

Vulnerability set me FREE.

I've experienced it and I know it's power, when I truly became vulnerable in my relationships it was an incredibly freeing experience.

I had to drop all my layers and masks, and I had to allow someone into my inner most core and it's scary. 

But I still felt an incredible sense of power, I was no longer hiding from myself or my partner, my fear inside no longer had power of me, I took my power back.

The thing is, even within relationships that have been going on for years there is often a distinct lack of vulnerability from both sides, and it makes it near on impossible for a deep connection to grow between them.

So much is hidden from each other through fear of being too exposed and getting hurt, but in my eyes staying hidden is worse than getting hurt because of exposure.

Staying hidden lessens the potential of an amazing experience a deep connection can create in a relationship, it is freedom for both of involved.

So what is vulnerability really about? What does it look like in a relationship?

Vulnerability is our ability to become okay with all that is within us.

Whether it is our current feelings, past events or experiences that have created inner pain, it all has to be accepted by us. 

Often painful feelings get pushed deep down into a hole where even we forget about them, let alone others.

This is especially true with men who find it hard to express themselves, they often feel if they express their feelings they will lose their power as men, but that couldn't be more far from the truth.

Real power lies in vulnerability, we can still be masculine men and expose our true selves, we can still work on ourselves to heal our inner pain and still be men.

To be vulnerable in a relationship is to love without fear, it's to be honest about everything about us, it's to be true to all our feelings past and current, it's to expose the pain inside of us that may of been created throughout our lives.

It's about letting go of masks and layers of personality that make us seem like the perfect person, it's about speaking fears and insecurities we have never spoken before.

It's about allowing another's heart to touch upon ours without any obstructions or obstacles in the way to protect it.

It's freedom, it's connection, it's power.

I challenge you to experience this for yourself, expose the true you, expose all that you are and take your power back.

Real power lies in vulnerability.


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