Fulfilling Partnerships Wk3, Pt1: Making Mindful Choices.

How To Make Mindful Choices

Welcome to my fulfilling partnerships article series.

Last week was a powerful week… Honesty and Authenticity goes deep, it challenges us on a daily moment by moment basis…

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This week is also delving into what it means to live moment to moment.. This week is all about the power of mindful choices.

Right now as I write this I've made a choice, that choice is to create this weeks topic as mindful choices, I've no idea how I'm going to make a whole week for you out of this topic but I'm mindfully making this choice to commit to the challenge.

Everything in our lives is a choice. The funny thing is though whether we attempt to make the choice or not, we will ultimately always be choosing, so you know what? We best make it a mindful choice.

Mindfulness is our ability to be beautifully aware of each moment of choices that we make, to move in this world with direction, a direction with a truly committed step all the way. 

Mindful choices change our lives, mindful choices allow us to be truly present with ourselves and with the people around us.

This week needs to be hands on, because as with all of this article series, it's all about taking action.

Taking action is powerful, we can make any change we want RIGHT NOW if we simply move in the direction we want most. 

There are no ordinary moments”

This quote is from the book ‘The Peaceful Warrior’ in the book there is a man named Socrates and his student Dan.

Socrates late one night asks Dan to go outside and sit on a rock until he has something of meaning to tell to Socrates.

So…. After many hours of sitting uncomfortably on the rock Dan comes in and tells Socrates something, but he isn't satisfied and points to the door.

Dan goes back out and sits again until the next morning and into the next evening… Finally he gets something! He runs into see Socrates and declares “There are no ordinary moments!". 

This is a great part of the book and I personally take this to mean there are no ordinary moments if we mindfully choose to seek beauty and to see every moment as magical and extraordinary. This way of living is just like a child would live, eyes full of wonder and curiosity... So…. There are no ordinary moments.

Mindful choices change everything in our lives, they change our situation, they change our relationships, they change our spirit and soul for life, they change our happiness, they change EVERYTHING.

Mindfulness is power, choice is power.

It's all yours.

So let's look at what mindfulness means.

Mindfulness as defined by Google:

"The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations." 

Awareness is everything, without awareness we cannot make any kind of change in our lives.

Without focusing on the present moment, we miss all the little choices that we can make, because we are either stuck in the past, or projecting the future.

Fear and a lack of courage means we are giving away our power of choice.

The fact is, lots of us aren't taking responsibility for our actions and our choices, we are feeling sorry for ourselves because of the position we are in or the state of our relationships or whatever it maybe that is making us feel unhappy.

But all along we created those situations and we created and continue to create our happiness or lack of with the choices WE made and make, whether consciously or unconsciously throughout our lives.

The commitment to mindful choices never ends, it's a day by day, moment to moment practice, but it's so simple, we are just staying present here and now, the only moment that matters.

A commitment to mindful choices creates a deep relaxation inside of us, there is no need to control anything, we can surrender into our choice, we can let go into the mindful commitment we have made, every moment.

You can practice it right now, become aware while reading this article, slow down your reading, taking in each word carefully, then spread your awareness to the area around you, to the area outside of that area, to the sheer size of the universe, put everything into perspective slowly and with contemplation.

Slowing down everything is a great way to practice relaxed awareness, as human beings we have this crazy idea that we need to be busy, but busyness is created in the mind. Normally when we feel stressed out it’s because it seems we have a million things to do but we actually forget we are creating that stress, it isn't the million things to do at all, it's simply our mind trying to do them all at once.

Slow it down and it becomes simple, slow it down and it's one thing at a time mindfully chosen, slow it down and you can relax into that one thing.

What's wrong with one thing at a time, with all our awareness, with all our attention and focus?

If something feels hectic, simply slow it down, slow down your actions, completely putting your awareness into that one task at hand and for now forget about those other tasks awaiting you.

There is absolutely no need for stress or being too busy. It's ridiculous really when we really contemplate it.

I'll say it again, it's all a choice.

We have to take responsibility for this choice.

No more stressing, we can simply relax into life.

What effect does this have on our relationships you may ask?

Well, I'll go in depth into that Part Two.

For now, practice awareness, practice slowing down, practice relaxing into the moment and practicing choosing your happiness right here and now.

Have a good moment, every moment.

For there are no ordinary moments. 

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