Fulfilling Partnerships Wk4, Pt1: The Power Of Appreciation.

An Appreciation For Life

“Appreciation, a sense of wonder.. A love for the world around me..
This is what brought me here, this is what makes my life so amazing..
The little things… Always the little things..”
Ahhhh, to appreciate life in all its beauty, to live in wonder of the world around us…
The little things,
Like watching a bird spread its wings,
The little things,
Seeing a smile passed between strangers,
The little things,
Awakening to the soft breath of my girl on her pillow,
The little things,
Walking in the evening sun,
The little things,
Drinking water when I have such thirst,
The little things……
Appreciation is everything, it changes our spirit of being, we could have seemingly nothing but be the happiest person alive if we have appreciation in our hearts.
There are happy people with everything and there are happy people with nothing.
Yet there are also miserable people in both cases too.
Happiness is not outside of ourselves, it’s inside of us.
It’s a feeling we carry with us throughout our lives, that is there in our deepest core of who we are. 
Appreciation is abundance, appreciation is acceptance, appreciation is a love for life.
Appreciation has the power to change our life in a very profound way, if we can appreciate what we have already, a place to live, modes of transport, the clothes on our back, money to buy food.
If we can appreciate the people we have, our partners, our family, our friends. If we can appreciate our surroundings, nature, the sun, the rain, our city, the architecture, the green grass, the air we breathe etc..
Then we are allowing ourselves to realise we live in abundance and a mindset of abundance feels amazing. It makes us feel euphoric, it makes us incredibly attractive, and it attracts more beauty into our lives in all forms. 
Appreciation is simply a slowing down of our life, it is a quiet moment of contemplating beauty in our lives, it puts everything into perspective immediately, it stops us in our tracks.
It’s a sense of wonder, it’s a seeking of beauty in this world while everyone else is looking the other way. 
Now appreciating isn’t just something we can reel off in our heads through mere thought, the key is to FEEL appreciation, to feel it in our hearts, to feel the emotions bubble over and explode out of us, like we want to cry and laugh at the same time.
Appreciation isn’t from the mind, appreciation is in the heart, it must be felt, it is a moment of seeking beauty in our life and after practicing we won’t have to look far because beauty will present itself everywhere in the smallest of things.
In fact ‘big things’ stay big things and the ‘little things’ also become big things.
Everything is equal in its beauty with appreciation in our hearts.
The key is to tune into this sense of gratitude and appreciation whenever we remember to do so and of course to make a grand effort in remembering to do so.. To make it a habit, to make it a part of our lives as natural as eating, drinking and sleeping.
Once you start feeling the overwhelming power of the emotions created from appreciation in your life, you will completely understand what I mean, as with everything I’m teaching you on this course, it must be experienced to truly feel it in your heart.
We forget how amazing life is, we forget how much we have, we moan, we complain, we think we are lacking something… But most of us aren’t lacking anything, most of us have beautiful lives that are blessed with so many things…
We forget how simple it really is to be happy with our lives…
I want you to feel the full force of having love and happiness in your heart….. For no particular reason at all..
Thanks again for being apart of this.

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With love, 

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