Fulfilling Partnerships Series Wk4, Pt2: Appreciating Our Partners.

Appreciating Our Partners

What does it mean truly see and start appreciating our partners, right here and right now? 

Appreciation is incredibly life changing and I'm so happy to be spreading the message, once again I would like to thank you for taking the time to read these articles I have created for you.

If you missed part one than I would invite you to read that Here

Today's article is all about appreciating our partners.

One of my favourite films explains the lack of appreciation in many long-term relationships exceptionally accurately: The film is called Cemetery Junction.

In the film, one of the characters Mr Kendrick (Played by Ralph Fiennes) is the successful owner of a large life insurance firm, the main character of the film (Freddie) begins working for him and begins to observe Mr Kendrick and Mrs Kendrick while at their house, what he noticed is that when his wife brought him a cup of tea and said “Here you go dear”, he doesn't even look up from his paper to acknowledge her or thank her for it,  he simply carries on doing what he was doing with a blank expression on his face and she walks off and sits in another room by herself in silence with a bored and sad look on her face.

Freddie explains this to Mr Kendricks daughter (Julie) whom he has fallen in love with and tells her that it's exactly the same with her boyfriend too (Mr Kendricks right hand man in the business) and she decides to test it and after taking him a cup of tea and putting it down in front of him, realises he is telling the truth, neither her partner nor Mr Kendrick notices them or appreciates them at all, they are both seemingly dead inside and expressionless. 

Mrs Kendrick overhears a heated conversation between Freddie and Julie late at night and after asking Freddie to leave, stops and ask Julie if everything is alright, Julie just says she wants to go to bed so Mrs Kendrick begins to leave,  just as she is leaving her bedroom and saying good night, she says “oh, 1964” in which Julie replies “what was?”
Mrs Kendrick replies “That was the last time your father said thank you for a cup of tea”.

Wow, this explains perfectly the lack of appreciation in marriages and long-term relationships.

We are forgetting to really SEE our partners, we are forgetting to APPRECIATE them, because we are so familiar with them, they have always been around so we just think they will carry on being around.

What a mistake to make, from the very first time we meet our partners to years into a relationship, the seeing and appreciation should never stop, otherwise they feel unloved, they feel unnoticed, they feel lonely, so do we… And you know what? Someone else will make them feel appreciated for us..

What's the point of a relationship if we are not truly together?

What's the point if it isn't excellent?

What's the point if we aren't happy and love isn't flowing between us constantly?

Small words of appreciation everyday, always looking at our partners as if for the first and last time, always adoring their presence.

Thanking them for all the little and big things they do, telling them we are thankful for them being a part of our life.

That's what it means to appreciate our partners, fulfillment for both of you.

Imagine how it feels to be really seen by our partners, imagine how it feels to be truly appreciated, well, you can give that gift!

It's simple, never stop appreciating them, praise them in small ways everyday.. It's beautiful, it's powerful and it means the world to us all.


I genuinely believe if we apply the teachings in these articles to our lives, then they will change for the better, forever. 

If you believe this too than I would love to invite you to share this article and any others that have spoken to your heart. 

You could just change someone's life. 


With love, 


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