Fulfilling Partnerships Series Wk5, Pt1: Letting Go Of Our Need To Control.

Letting go of our need to control

Let's get this straight…… Relationships can be really f*cking scary sometimes! There is no denying it.

We open our hearts so much to another person, we allow them deep into our souls, they know everything about us (hopefully) and  they are given so much power to either bring us up powerful and strong or break our hearts into little pieces.

No wonder we are living in fearful relationships, it takes a lot of courage to be in one that doesn't go down the road of destruction. That's right…. It takes courage! A lot of courage!!

We get jealous, we worry we will be cheated on, we worry our partners might be having more fun with others than they do with us and it makes us want to control them or at least act a little bit crazy so they get the idea that we are shit scared to lose them!

The more we delve deep into ourselves and really love from our heart, the more scary it gets. I know for definite when I really let go into love, and completely love the shit out of my partner my subconscious mind starts showing that it's getting a little scary, it starts telling me that it's possible I could get really hurt now, I could be crushed and broken…

This normally comes in the form of dreams where my partner maybe stand offish with me or I can't seem to contact her because maybe she is ignoring me or she has ran off with someone else instead of loving me… You know, our subconscious is a smart one, we can learn a lot about our current fears from our dreams, they tell us what fears we have that we maybe able to avoid all day long while awake.

Everyone has these fears on some level in any relationship.

The problem is, no one is stepping up to these fears and saying “You know what, I feel this fear sure, but I'm going to carry on loving as much as I can, I'm going to have the courage to let my partner be free in all that they do and fall into absolute trust for their love for me too.”

No one is doing that because fear gets us in our thinking minds, well away from our loving hearts, but as I've said already all it takes is COURAGE to take responsibility for these fears and LET GO INTO LOVING ANYWAY.

A relationship will pick you up on your bullshit, it will point out what areas you need to grow in, so allow it to be like that…. Allow yourself to grow.

Let go of any need to control your partner, allow absolute freedom, even if your fears are screaming at you just love them deeply anyway.

No more telling our partners who they can and can't look at, it's ridiculous.

No more telling our partners what friends they can have.

No more accusing them constantly of who they may of slept with.

No more, no more, no more…

Just let go.

If they break our trust, well…. It hurts like f*ck sure…. But… At least we loved fearlessly.

We will grow from the experience, we will realise who is right for us in our lives and who isn't.

Don't avoid pain and forget to love.

Love deeply, love fearlessly, love with courage.


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An article like this could stop so much destruction just through the awareness gained by reading it. 

We all have the power to create a domino effect of love in this world, let's use it. 

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