16 February 2019

George Howard: Inspire

If you came to my blog for insight on how to create more self-love, and loving intimate relationships, then you have come to the right place. 

This website is in service of you. I have written countless articles and three ebooks to support you on your journey thus far. Plus loads of content on my Instagram

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With love, 

George Howard. 

My name is George Howard, my lifes mission is to be relentlessly ME, to BE alive and to liberate others wherever I go so they can do the same. 

These are some of my commitments in my own life: 

• I commit my everything to being the greatest Partner, Lover, Fiancé, Husband my Rose could ever possibly imagine to experience.

• I commit to fully embodying love as my being, all I do comes from love.

• I commit to being joy itself, not ever losing my spirit of joy, fun and love to playing the story of being a victim in whatever form that may try to come.

• I commit to being fearless, bold and brave, committed to serving and living for something much bigger than myself.

• I commit to living to a level of gratitude that brings a pulsing energy and radiance to my entire being.

• I commit to mindfulness and awareness and I commit to taking massive action as and when needed. No excuses, this moment here and now, the change needed is made.

• I commit to being the most incredible mirror of brilliance for all those that I coach as clients, encounter in my day to day and already have surrounding me in my life.

• I commit to a level of presence and love that none who haven’t been in my presence would of ever felt before.

• I commit to utter fearless communication, serving from love, I am honest and authentic.

The thing is, whilst growing up I told myself I wasn't enough.

It was happening in the background of my thoughts and it was in the language that I used.... but what is enough? What was I measuring myself against? Some of the people that I encountered in my life planted that seed through bullying and critism, but it was really me who made the decision to think I wasn't enough just as I was.

I was scared to fail, I was scared to make mistakes, to be real and authentic.

I was scared to ALLOW myself to BE ME. 

I had a negative relationship with fear, I didn't know it was a good feeling to feel, I didn't know that if I followed where my fears were taking me then exponential growth would occur in my life. 

I thought I wanted people to like and love me, but in reality it turns out all I really wanted was for ME to love and like me, I wanted my own self-acceptance. 

Once I had given myself permission to have self-acceptance, self-love and self-trust, my life transformed..... Completely transformed.

It felt amazing, I feel amazing. 

When we align our way of being with who we really are, things begin to shift in our outer world.

This is what happened to me, so when I allowed myself to freely be me I allowed amazing things into my life, such as my loving and incredible relationship with my Fiance, deep and loving relaxation within social situations, self-love and self-care, empathy, authentic and honest communication, almost instant deep connection with anyone and everyone, a business where I co-create inner transformation with inspiring people, a high level of skill with Parkour movement, a whole book on creating incredible relationships, amazing friendships, incredible experiences. 

The greatest thing is how I now see the world, the language I use, the thoughts I have, the relaxation I feel, the presence I experience, the freedom I feel and the love and appreciation in my heart (for the smallest of things). 

Am I perfect? .......No.... But I am authentically, lovingly and acceptingly me. If you talk to me you will know who I am, you will feel who I am, just as I will feel who you are too. 

With love, George. 

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