21 May 2019

George Howard: Inspire

If you came to my blog for insight on how to create more self-love, and loving intimate relationships, then you have come to the right place. 

This website is in service of you. I have written countless articles and three ebooks to support you on your journey thus far. Plus loads of content on my Instagram

My name is George Howard. My lifes mission is to be relentlessly me, and to feel & be alive.


I love nature, parkour, yoga, writing, my Wife Rosie, and my puppy Oscar to name a few.

I have a wonderful life, with lot's of freedom to live my passions. I am thankful for that every single day. 

The thing is, whilst growing up I told myself I wasn't enough.

It was happening in the background of my thoughts and it was in the language that I used.... but what is enough? What was I measuring myself against? Some of the people that I encountered in my life planted that seed through bullying and critism, but it was really me who made the decision to think I wasn't enough just as I was.

I was scared to fail, I was scared to make mistakes, to be real and authentic.

I was scared to ALLOW myself to BE ME. 

I had a negative relationship with fear, I didn't know it was a good feeling to feel, I didn't know that if I followed where my fears were taking me then exponential growth would occur in my life. 

I thought I wanted people to like and love me, but in reality it turns out all I really wanted was for ME to love and like me. I wanted my own self-acceptance. 

Once I had given myself permission to have self-acceptance, self-love and self-trust, my life transformed..... Completely transformed.

It felt amazing.

I still feel not enough from time to time. Yet, what has changed is my awareness around it, because I am aware of the thoughts that say I am not enough,  I can choose to love and accept myself, and make different choices in those moments. 

That has made all the difference to my life. 


Here is a picture of my Wife and I whilst exploring Bucharest, Romania. 


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