"Living through love, I relax and allow it to extend your way, my love is an energy and you are welcome to have it each day, I love you like the sun loves the earth, needing nothing in return, to know I share love with such a beautiful heart gets everyday off to a gratitude filled start, I extend my hand to you in invitation, to feel my love fully and surrender your heart and body to me, you deserve it all, I want you in my journey, I thank you again for your accepting heart, together we set each other free."

George Howard


If this is the first page you have come to, just know that all of this... this that I'm doing, here at GHI, this isn't about me.

It's about something much bigger than me, a dream, a vision, love, passion, interconnectedness, nature. beauty, power.


This is what I commit myself to - 


I commit my everything to being the greatest Partner, Lover, Fiancé, Husband my Rose could ever possibly imagine to experience. 

I commit to fully embodying love as my being, all I do comes from love.

I commit to being joy itself, not ever losing my spirit of joy, fun and love to playing the story of being a victim in whatever form that may try to come. 

I commit to being fearless, bold and brave, committed to serving and living for something much bigger than myself.

I commit to living to a level of gratitude that brings a pulsing energy and radiance to my entire being. 

I commit to mindfulness and awareness and I commit to taking massive action as and when needed. No excuses, this moment here and now, the change needed is made. 

I commit to being the most incredible mirror of brilliance for all those that I coach as clients, encounter in my day to day and already have surrounding me in my life. 

I commit to a level of presence and love that none who haven’t been in my presence would of ever felt before. 

I commit to utter fearless communication, serving from love, I am honest and authentic.




To get to know me in the quickest way possible and what I'm all about you could read these two articles - 

Here's me giving the world some raw honesty from my heart - "I just want to tell you all, it's okay" 

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Or if you really want, we can talk together.

This is how it will go - Let's have a conversation (The right way)

With love,