Coaching"George is a real visionary, he is the most genuine, gentle & compassionate person I know. We met in the summer at a time when I was at a crossroads in my life and his coaching really opened me up to feeling and believing that I could make the changes I needed to and move forward to become the person I really wanted to be in this world. George helped me find the confidence to grow, be true to myself, to be able to find love in my relationships and be a loving person. I am now moving towards reaching my life's goals and learning to be in my heart everyday. Thank you George you are a true friend as well as a fabulous coach. I can't wait for the next stages of life and love developments to be revealed... I feel truly inspired... "

Kellie Dimmock - Positive communication & NLP therapist. 





Coaching"Since breaking up with a long term girlfriend, George is the only person I have felt comfortable with providing full access to my feelings and emotions. His response and advice to my situation has always been direct, yet compassionate and fulfilling. In a world where it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed, a positive voice that not only listened, but also provided direction is powerful in creating what we want. George not only listens to an individual's struggle with masculinity, but also provides a definitive solution that helps break through the various stigmas of attraction in the 21st century, resulting in an individual that is more loving, confident and fulfilled in his abilities."

                                                                                  - Chris Lennard. 




"I think we always meet people for a reason, and I randomly met George in a place I wasn't planning to be in, for a big reason. I felt he had something special and I think he felt I needed his help. 
I've had a few coaching sessions with him that really sped up a personal changing path I was unconsciously going through. It was him that made that process conscious and gave me practical and simple tools for me to be able to focus on some thoughts, actions and goals in particular.
In this process I discovered I was too focused on thoughts, and was ignoring feelings and desires; I discovered the difference it makes to allow myself to be my true and best self; I discovered the importance of having time for myself, of doing things I think will benefit my mind, my body and my self-esteem. I can say I am more confortable in my own skin than I was before.
CoachingGeorge helped me make those changes with his amazing abitily to interpret words, feelings, experiences and turn them into life lessons. It was really useful for me to write down highlights of our sessions or to have them recorded because they are good reminders of all the progress achieved."

- Marina Perez Vallejos