Fulfilling Partnerships Series Wk5, Pt1: Letting Go Of Our Need To Control.

Letting go of our need to control Let’s get this straight…… Relationships can be really f*cking scary sometimes! There is no denying it. We open our hearts so much to another person, we allow them deep into our souls, they know everything about us (hopefully) and  they are given so much power to either bring […]


Fulfilling Partnerships Wk3, Pt1: Making Mindful Choices.

How To Make Mindful Choices Welcome to my fulfilling partnerships article series. Last week was a powerful week… Honesty and Authenticity goes deep, it challenges us on a daily moment by moment basis… If you missed out those articles you can find them here: Part One: Honesty & Authenticity. Part Two: The Art Of Non-Judgment. […]


Fulfilling Partnerships Series Wk2, Pt3: Vulnerability

Real power lies in vulnerability Welcome to Part Three of this week’s topic of honesty and authenticity, for me this is the most important article this week, vulnerability. If you stumbled upon this and haven’t yet read Part One & Part Two then follow the links and there you have it. Vulnerability… What is vulnerability? Well […]