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"George is so present, it actually made me a little nervous. In a good way. I can see why he is a powerful coach, it's like he's seeing what you're not saying, not even thinking, or not yet aware of. From the little we've talked, I sense that he is brave, bold and yet really genuinely caring and kind. He has a zen-like adventurous spirit. Connected to nature, but patient in the unfolding. I don't have to know George for another minute to see that whomever is sitting in front of him, is the only person in the world."  

- Vanessa Broers, Health Coach @Sweat & Butter. 

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George Howard is such a caring, heart-centered person. I was able to meet George personally last summer in Budapest and just being around him already gave me deep insights about myself and how I want to show up in the relationships I'm having with others.

This man truly cares. I felt understood, and totally accepted. You can feel that from the first minute.

He provides the love and space needed to open up and helps us to make those transformative shifts within us that takes the quality of our relationships to a totally new level.

Sam Ryter - Coach, Seminar Leader and Writer @   

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"I spent a week with George and his lovely fiancee, Rosie, walking and talking along the boulevards of Bucharest. I immediately recognized that I was in the company of a fellow troubadour and lover of beauty. George's passion, authenticity, and love for people was clearly evident, and it makes him a shining example of what inspired living looks like. It is nice to know that there are people out there like George who are on a revelatory mission, and I absolutely know his work is changing the world for the better.”

Zan Perrion - Founder, Leader of The Ars Amorata and Author of "The Alabaster Girl"   

Powerful Transformative Coaching.

Committed to making impact in the world, our conversation's together will do just that. 

I love to coach, sit down with me for up to 2 hours at a time and your life will change, step by step we will make enormous shifts in your inner and outer world. 

Impact, impact and more impact. 

That's what coaching is to me, but what does it matter about me? This is your experience.

I'm here to mirror you. 

You are a gift to the world, let's make sure you know it. 


My focus is on creating inner transformation within you, so you can change the way you experience your outer world.

This changes everything, because you'll be powered by this ⇒ ♥ 

Here are some of the main objectives of me and my clients working together to create maximum impact in their lives - 

  • We will move toward having the most incredible relationship you can possibly have with your partner, we will take your relationship into the realm of excellence, a relationship that feels utter bliss to be apart of. 

  • We will open your body and heart into your utmost authenticity, we will allow inner freedom to blossom within so you can live your life free of the tiring hiding that holds your life back. Authenticity is freedom. 

  • We will work on being an incredible source of love and light, a fearless warrior of love so this love blooms forth into every thing you do - relationships, career, business, passions, play, creativity, all of it. Fearless love changes lives instantaneously. 

  • We will work through your deepest fears that are holding your true potential back from being recognised by yourself and the world around you, we will accelerate your unique gift into powerful action in the world that takes your life to a new level. 

  • We will work on your self-love and help you realise the incredible impact it has on your life and the world around you, with the development of this self-love everything in your life will feel that much more blissful. 


Are you the person I'm looking to work with?

I would love to serve you in any way I can, all you have to do is have the courage to come forth and meet me halfway.

I ONLY take clients on for 6 month packages for maximum impact in ones life.

6 months of coaching with me costs £4,000.

Payment plans are available and can be discussed further should you be fully committed to your personal growth and our coaching relationship together. 

Interested? Simply fill out the form below to apply for a deep and meaningful conversation.

I will give you my loving presence for up to 2 hours of conversation.

I'm here for you and I'm excited to have you on board. 

With love and heartfelt service.


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