"Understanding Fear"

Understanding Fear is a journey of self-discovery, in this book you will learn how to use your fear as a tool for growth, moving you toward your true potential as a human being. We have grown up believing that fear is negative and that we should avoid it's presence in our lives. This Ebook was written with the intent to help you create a positive and loving relationship with fear, one that serves your life and allows you to take actions that matter most.


"Sexual Energy: A Guide For Men"

"Many men of today struggle with their sexual energy from a young age, when puberty hits we are overwhelmed by our hormones and the power of our sexual energy. Many boys and men do not understand this energy and release it through ejaculation when they become too amorous, stressed or even just bored, losing out on the incredible benefits of this potent energy source. Created from my own experience over the last few years, this guide is here to help men harness, transcend and even increase their sexual energy so they can use it in a way that truly benefits their lives, showing up in their true potential as masculine men."