Retreat To Nature

The Transformative Adventure Coaching Experience 

This is experience is one of stepping out of our normal environment whether it is a city, a town or even a sleepy village and moving oneself into the healing natural world.

Just being within nature is healing and transformative, adding to that the powerful week long coaching that I shall provide and we have an incredible package to create exponential inner growth that becomes part of one's being for the rest of our days. 

Spend 7 days.. One whole week away from ones normal environment and move into the quiet tranquility of the beautiful land of the Lakes and Mountains - The Lake District.

Experience powerful transformative coaching whilst climbing epic mountains and walking in some of the most beautiful areas in the United Kingdom.

It's time to go back to our roots, a re-wilding if you will, to play, to let go, to breathe fresh air, to move, to FEEL. 

Living alongside the natural beauty and wonders of the earth, a deep shift happens within us, we begin to feel a joy within, we feel a clearing in our heart space and of course our mind creates space opening us up for deep inner growth,

There is an intelligence so prominent in the natural world and being within it, interacting with it and silencing ourselves with the calmness of it all we can take on that natural intelligence, we can re-connect ourselves with the power of this earth. 


Why did I create this immersion program?

Firstly - The Lake District is mesmerising, there is no place better to experience deep inner change that can transform your outer life. 

My passion is creating a transformational experience for the individuals that I coach, I believe in the power of coaching so much, it has had a huge effect on my own life and the lives of those that I have coached so far. 

The number one thing I seem to hear from my clients is that they would love to feel completely comfortable being them, that they would love to no longer be held back by fear, that they would love to be truly free and powerful in their authenticity.

They no longer want to be held back by the limitations of their mind that seems to bring anxiety, unhappiness and unfulfilment into their lives. 

I wanted to create an immersive program that changed this for those that attend, I wanted to create something that could turn someone's life around.

For me watching someone tranform from the inside out in front of my eyes is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have lived. 

In that moment I know I have served powerfully and that person can walk away empowered and ready to make his or her mark on the world, whether it's incredible relationships, a new career, unstoppable social confidence, or the empowering freedom that living from true authenticity has. 


One of the places I personally feel the most joy in my soul, is within the heart of nature, in the mountains surrounded by incredible views and the soothing sound and peace of the slow moving lakes. 

Nature (especially mountains) has an energy to it that will contribute to inner change like no city or town ever could, the idea is to pull you out of your normal environment into somewhere magical, with a calming energy that will bring a sense of joy and appreciation that will make your transformation to the BEING that you want BE almost instantaneous. 

I wanted to create an immersion program that I knew would have the greatest effect on the lives of those who attend, I wanted to create something that would touch the very soul of the people involved, including my own. 


The Experience

Adventure up mountains, explore the beauty of nature, build bonds & make new friends, experience deep coaching creating change that will go with you for the rest of your days. 


→ Reach new heights of clarity in your life that only deep, powerful coaching and contemplative time in the quiet beauty of nature can produce.


→ Strip away the layers of fear that are holding you back from being who you really are. 


→ Finally feel at ease with who you are and create a strong presence in the world and have the freedom to be your most authentic self, feel the power that this kind of freedom creates. 


→ Create a you that can have incredibly fulfilling relationships that are deeply loving experiences, no longer held back by fear.


→ Learn to create an abundance mindset so you become an attractive force in the world, no longer needy and falling into the trap of feeling like you're lacking something in your life. 


→ Experience a deep happiness for no reason at all through the power of appreciation. 


→ Create Self-love and Self-acceptance so you no longer live in a state of self-sabotage which is keeping you in a pattern of unfulfilment, underachievement and unhappiness with who you are.


→ Move from the overwhelming limitations of the overthinking mind to the limitless potential that is feeling and truly loving from your heart, so you can live your life with more freedom rather than being driven by fearful thoughts.


→ Destroy the "I can't do it" mindset and move into a state that gives you the feeling of possibility always and forever.


Start to experience a life free of all the limitations that have been created within you over the course of your life.

This experience will simplify your life, because together we shall remove all the limitations that are stopping you living life the way that you want the most.

I'll help you move from head to heart, so your life transforms and becomes one of love, gratitude and abundance. 

Create amazing fulfilling relationships from learning to access an abundant source of love that flows through the universe and into your very being.. (Self-love). 

Live with ease and relaxation in all social interactions by feeling and finally embodying the truth that we are all connected, everything is connected, you will leave the experience truly knowing this and it will effect your interactions with others forever.

Create a relaxed, truly confident you who knows how to access ones own power.  

Create fun, play and appreciation through the power of an abundance mindset.

 Learn how to move our of your head and into your body, so you can truly begin to feel life, feel joy in your body and live from your heart, no longer being held prisoner within your thinking mind. 


To make this a more powerful, personal experience I am only taking TWO PEOPLE on each immersion program!

You could be one of two people creating the changes that you have always wanted. 

Immersion is powerful, fully immersing yourself in a transformational experience is a life changing experience.

All your thoughts and energy will be on destroying limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being who you truly want to be and replacing them with new empowered beliefs that slingshot you forward into who you truly want to be (and you who already were and are). 

It's time to take a stand, it's time to say enough is enough, it's time to make the changes that will propel our lives into excellence and create a happy, authentic, free, beautiful, loving and empowered life. Every. Single. Day. Of. Our. Lives.  



Are you the person i'm looking for??


Do you feel like this is exactly what your looking for to achieve your goals of being the person that's true to you and your hearts desire?


Are you ready to feel a sense of freedom that brings incredible joy and peace to your entire being?


Are you ready to become you, without the layers and masks of years of conditioning?


Are you ready to be open to experience incredible relationships and interact in the world with ease, love and kindness in your heart creating an incredible presence and impact wherever you go?


Then you're the person i'm looking for. I'm sure of it.

I want to work with people that are ready to go deep and realize their power fully on a core level and embody it every single day.

If you're ready than simply fill out the form below, I'll read it and get back to you ASAP to invite you to join me on a coaching call, I want to serve you powerfully in this call so you will experience the full impact of what coaching with me does.

If you love it and want to go further, we can talk about enrolling you on my adventure coaching experience.

The experience costs £2000 (Food and accommodation is included)

Money is the first step in committing to this inner growth and change that will be experienced in this powerful week in the natural world. It truly is an investment in oneself.

I'm excited and can't wait to meet and connect with you. 

With love,