11 August 2017

Creating The Freedom To Be Relentlessly YOU. 

Imagine a life where you felt a sense of social abundance, moving through the world with ease and relaxation, feeling connected to each and every person that surrounds you. 

Where connecting with others is an effortless experience, creating depth and meaningful connections with people, whether you just met them or have known them for years.

Imagine living your life without feeling disconnected, lonely, anxious and depressed on a regular basis. 

Imagine truly embodying the realisation of oneness, being able to feel another's energy without the inteferance of your own self-absorbtion and being able to love others without fear blocking that love from being given. 

Imagine being able to accept yourself exactly as you are, authentically expressing your truest self into the world, without every hiding, without ever living a lie, imagine the energy and excitement you could feel and give to the world by relentlessly being YOU. 

Imagine no longer having down days, "funks" or states of depression and instead being able to create whatever state of mind you would like whenever you choose to do so. 

Are you ready to be relentlessly YOU? 

By being apart of this group coaching program, you will be invited to receive the following: 

- You will be able to create beautiful, authentic and loving relationships with people or a person that you LOVE to have in your life. 

- You will become who you really are, authentically expressing your true way of being in the world, without shame and without fear, you will create effortlessly deep connections with others.

- You will learn to be more courageous in your life, creating a positive relationship with fear, embodying the realisation that fear is a tool for growth. 

- You will become relaxed and accepting of who you are, calm and relaxed in almost all social situations. 

- You will learn to let go of the embedded shame and guilt around your sexual nature that society creates, you will learn to embrace yourself as a sexual being.

- You will learn how to be more loving and compassionate, with an expansive awareness of the world around you. 

- You will learn to be more vulnerable and expressive of your feelings, creating deeper and more trusting relationships. 

- You will learn how to set boundaries, be respected and develop self-trust without losing compassion, kindness or love in your heart. 

- You will understand, embody and realise the truth of what it means to be one with everything and everyone, you will have the realisation of oneness embedded in who you are. 


sexual energy
Strip away the layers and masks and accept yourself as you are, naked and free to be YOU. 


If you are interested apply below,

We will then book a one on one co-creation conversation together, where I serve and support you, at the end of the conversation we shall talk about whether we are the right fit to work together on this group coaching program. 

You will also be a part of a private Facebook group with unlimited support, ask questions, post your insights, receive inspiration and value. 

To apply, email me @


With love, George. 

P.s This group coaching program begins the 11th of September 2017 and will run for 3 months. Closing date for applications is the 4th of September 2017.