19 December 2016

Please Don’t Miss This Moment.

Thinking of the past, imagining the future, missing this moment, without present moment awareness, this is how most of us live 99.9% of the time.

But every now and again, that 0.1% of time we feel what it is like to truly live this moment.

The quiet I love you’s as we awaken to our Partners.

The moment we reach the top of a mountain climb and the view stops us in our tracks.

The moment of orgasm as we look into our lovers eyes.

Those moments of giving, feeling the loving bond grow between us.

I love the present moment, it’s something I personally strive for with all the awareness I can muster.

I’m not a modern-day Bhudda by any means, but I can certainly say I’ve felt the bliss of being in this moment, I’ve felt it many, many times. I’m even feeling it now as I become present with the words I am writing.

I started on this journey at quite a young age when I was tired of my life being ran by my mind and all the unconscious fears that were holding me back. I was scared to be the true me, I was scared of the feelings I felt, I condemned them, thinking fear, and anything negative was bad, so I hid it away.

I knew I wanted a way to relax into my true being, I knew there was something more beautiful than the limitations of the mind.. I wanted to be able to relate better with others, from my heart, not my thinking mind with all it’s fear and insecurity.

The first spiritual book that spoke of learning awareness and going inward I ever read was a book called: “The Peaceful Warrior”.

I was blown away by the idea that we could really live in just this moment, and we could really live truly happy with seemingly nothing, just the bliss of awareness.

Although it seemed like an elusive state of being to me at the time, I knew I would find a way to live like this as often as possible.

I wanted to be in love with the moment, I wanted to see the world from my heart, with love in my heart.

And that’s the journey I went on, I lived with awareness from that moment on but truthfully it is only in the last couple of years that I’ve truly known what it is to be in the bliss of this moment, to live from my heart. I now know it is all that really matters, because my inner world changed dramatically, and so did my outer world. 

But of course I still feel sad, nervous, scared, frustrated… but it’s okay, I accept my ever changing feelings… It’s okay to feel!

I still get lost in my desiring mind, thinking more money will make me happier, wanting to be better at something to feel more fulfilled, feeling frustrated because I don’t have what someone else does, losing my drive for helping others because I’m stuck in my head thinking about what I’m not getting.

But it’s okay, as soon as I am ready I snap back to my heart, I bring appreciation into this moment, I slow down, I take a step back. I go way up above and look down on my life, I see all the beauty that surrounds me, ready for me to experience it, to feel it.

Because….What more is there?

This moment is all that really exists, the past is memory kept by the mind, the future is imaginary, no more than a picture of the thinking mind.

But, this moment here and now is real, it is alive, it can only be felt and lived from the heart. The mind doesn’t exist in this moment, it can’t exist in this moment, the mind is an illusion, this moment is pure truth.

I’m writing this article because the world must be reminded… I must be reminded…. Of what’s really important in the lives we live.

There is nothing wrong with growing and striving forward in our lives, it brings us great fulfillment, and a lot of people are doing amazing things.

But truthfully, we often get sucked up in the current of life, never stopping, never slowing down, experiencing this and that but never really being a part of it, never really feeling it from within our hearts. Instead the mind blocks the experience, we think it instead of feel it.

We are lost in our desires, we are lost in what we don’t have, we miss the beauty, and the grace of this moment.

Instead of gratitude we complain, instead of love we are blocked by fear.

Please don’t miss this moment, it loves us, it invites us, it never gives up on us.

It will always be there until the day we die and beyond and we know that, but we must never forget the moment is ever changing so it is extremely rare and the same moment will never happen twice.

Love is all that truly matters and love is born out of the present moment.

So how can we become more present I hear you ask, how can we live with love and bliss in our hearts more than that mere 0.1% of time?

Meditation (Observing Our Inner World).

Mediation is simply sitting or standing or going about our daily lives with awareness and within that awareness we are simply observing our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions. We simply let them be, it’s all okay, we don’t judge them or condemn ourselves for any of it. We just watch, we just observe it all.

Observing the outside world.

When we look at the world we often label and judge everything, mostly because we have seen it all before, we never really see it again, we see it with our memories projection instead of seeing it with ‘fresh eyes’.

To be in this moment and see the beauty of the world around us, we must renounce judgment, we must renounce labelling and thoughts of the past.

So when we look at a tree, a flower, a bird or another human being, we see them from the heart with feeling, instead of judging and labelling them with our minds.

Please don’t miss this moment, within it there is beauty beyond measure, we all forget it, I forget too, often.

But slowly, with awareness each moment can be truly lived, truly felt, truly loved.

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