29 November 2016

The Power Of A Good Morning.

The morning time….. A beautiful new beginning every single day.

A chance to have a brand new start, awakening to an entirely new you, an entirely new world, fresh and alive. A chance to create something, just as the sun rising is creating the light of a new day.

I love the morning time, it is such a beautiful opportunity to awaken with gratitude and love in my heart.

It’s a chance to wake up with excitement within our hearts, knowing what we can create with our day.

The morning is a time when we are at both our freshest and at our most vulnerable, it’s a time where we have been fasting within both body and mind.

How we break that fast is everything to creating a beautiful life.

How many of us wake up and do things for ourselves? How many of us have cultivated discipline in our morning so that we are doing things that benefit ourselves and that we love doing with our time?

I can imagine the average morning for most people is to rush around because they woke up late, having to be at work on time so they don’t get fired.

No time for breakfast, just a quick wash, a brush of our teeth, a peck on the cheek of our loved ones and off we go!

No chance to contemplate our lives, no chance to spend time within ourselves, no chance to feel gratitude as we awaken to a new life, no chance to be present with our loved ones.

No time to eat healthily, drink water or prepare our bodies and brains for the day ahead.

Rush, rush, rush….. We have to go now, time is moving on…. Responsibilities are taking over, our minds start chattering, worrying, thinking into the future, lost in thought.

Imagine this: We have time in the morning to awaken slowly, just to simply breathe and feel the feelings that come up as our realisation of the world come into play.

Imagine remembering that now is a time to do things for ourselves, it is a time to create something beautiful with this morning, a good morning awaits us, it’s our choice.

Imagine the knowing by getting up now and taking our time to start the day with awareness of the only moment that matters, this one here and now that life will suddenly be a lot more colourful, enjoyable, beautiful.

We have taken the time to understand and embody the notion that worrying does nothing to help anything in this world and thinking thoughts of the day ahead brings nothing but a loss of this moment here and now whether we’re doing something we love to do or whether it’s something we can’t stand the idea of having to face. Nothing matters in this moment, but the here and now.

There is no rush, there never was… The only rush was within our minds.

It’s time to slow down, it’s time to make choices in each moment and create something beautiful.

There are some big questions to ask ourselves to create a really good morning, those questions are these:

What can I do with my morning that brings a calm, joyous feeling to my heart?

What can I do that most benefits my body and brain?

What foods can I eat that give me the most nutrients and energy?

What do I really love doing when I wake up in the morning?

What can I do this morning that brings a powerful start to my day, where I can go about the rest of the day empowered, inspired and with a new spring in my step?

Here’s a list of incredible ways in which we can start our days that really give us a joyous kick up the bum and bring a little more love and happiness into our days and lives:

  • Sit, breathe and feel for a few minutes upon awakening:

When we first wake up, it’s such a great time to really feel the feelings of our bodies, what is going on within us? How do we really feel as we awaken to this morning? Feel it all as much as possible. Are we happy we our lives? What do we truly want? Do we feel excitement in our hearts of the day ahead? If not, then why not?

  • Drink water:

Upon awakening the first thing to put into our bodies is water, we have been fasting all night and to allow our bodies to take in our first nutrients we must flush through our systems with life giving water. It just makes so much sense to me.

  • Stretching, Deep breathing, Yoga practices:

Movement is medicine, our bodies really come alive when we use them first thing, practice deep breathing exercises such as yoga and stretch deeply allowing our bodies to wake up. Breathing is life-energy, most of us breath shallow, especially under stress, breathe deeply and allow our bodies to relax.

  • Go for a walk:

I call these morning walk gratitude walks, simply go for a walk and feel in our hearts all that we are grateful and appreciative for. I’m so lucky to live within nature with lovely walks just on my doorstep, but no matter where we live a morning walk helps enliven our bodies and brains. You’ll be amazed what a gratitude walk does for you.

  • Eat a nutritious, hydrating breakfast:

The food we put in our bodies first thing is so important, the best thing we can put in after a fast is colourful, hydrating fruits…. Mangoes, Pineapples, Oranges, Apples etc.. We can create fruit salads, or a simply make a nutritious smoothie… Get creative, healthy breakfasts can taste amazing, I promise.

  • Listen to music we love:

Put it on and jam to it!! Enjoy it, dance and sing!

  • Read or watch inspiring content:

What’s your favourite non-fiction book? What video inspires you most? Read a little of the book, watch the video, start the day inspired.

  • Slow down, look around and appreciate all that we have.

What is it we have in our lives in this moment that is a wonder to behold? Our loved ones, our partners, our children, our pets, the food we are eating, the roof over our heads, the music we are listening to… What is it? What are we so appreciative of that our hearts feel they will burst with happiness?

Everyone of us truly deserve a good morning, how many of us wake up excited to start our days?

The way we start our mornings is of utmost importance, it’s our time, how will we spend it?

How many of us do things for ourselves?

How many of us slow down to realise that the way we treat ourselves is paramount to living a happy life, with self-love we can be a better person for the people and the planet around us.

Let’s watch our mornings transform our lives as we make them truly a GOOD MORNING

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