25 January 2017

How To Be Joyful, Feel Good And Be Successful The Simple Way

Simplicity, oh how we avoid it.

It couldn’t be that easy, it must take longer, surely I need to do this and that and then read another book on this, then on that.

It has to be hard right, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

If I make it complicated, if I work harder and harder at it, if I add in more things to it, then I can move forward, then I can take action, then I can be joyful, then I can feel good, then I can be successful.

Well firstly, I’d like to question the way we often see things.

The belief that to achieve a certain state such as sustained joy and happiness, a successful business, relaxed confidence or good feelings we need to do more, we need to get busier, we need to keep reading, we need to find more answers, we need to make it hard first, is simply flawed.

Sure we have to be in a state of learning, openness and a willingness to grow, but does success, joy or any other state have to be hard? Sometimes sure, but mostly it doesn’t have to be a 24 hour grind, it doesn’t have to be elusive, made only available to a few.

The key is often simplicity, and often this simplicity is never found in one’s life because we just keep getting busier, doing more, thinking more, cramming our lives with everything and anything not realising that not everything is WORKING FOR US.

That’s the big key question – “Does this work for me?”

If not, why do we do it? Why don’t we strip it out of our lives and do something that does?

The fact is, many of us could be a lot happier, a lot more joyful, a lot more fulfilled, a lot more successful and it wouldn’t even take that much.

It simply takes a few key actions every single day, a few quality decisions that change everything.

It is the simplicity of slowing our lives down. A creation of space to actually allow good feelings, successful actions and joy to enter that space.

More often than not,, a person could be given every success secret, the key to happiness, or the knowledge of how to create lots of money in less time, and they just wouldn’t do it.

I mean look at the incredible amount of information given on a variety of topics within articles and books in the world, yet people read something, get inspired by it, and never actually apply what they learned from that book. Even though deep down they know if they did, their life would change forever, I mean they know that because what they read was someone’s experience of that thing changing their lives, so they know it works.

Someone has gone through something, learnt what works and given us that information, yet we don’t do it and yet we want to change. A lot.

The thing is, for most of us we have no space for that change in our lives, we are too busy, we have other things to do, we have other commitments, I mean we barely even had time to read the book… Apparently.

But lets slow down, let’s take a look at our lives.

How much are we doing every day? How much time are we filling?

How much of it works for us? How much of it feels good? How much of that action has a positive effect on our lives?

Very often we will find a lot of what we do is not working for us, and a lot of what we could do instead would in fact change our lives day-to-day. It would work for us.

So let me give you the secret to living a happy, joy-filled life that is successful, and allows you to feel good like nearly ALL the time.

Do what works.

What works for you?

What brings you joy?

What feels good to you? What actually brings noticeably good feelings into your moment, or day?

What daily things really change your state? (Journaling, gratitude, meditation, deep breathing, nature walks etc…)

What thoughts serve you?

What daily language and communication with yourself and others work best?

What brings more noticeable success into your business?

What small but powerful actions can you take each day that moves you toward what you want?

Where can you slow your life down?

What do you LOVE doing?

Okay, so now we know what works… So next we ask ourselves what doesn’t… (And this includes thoughts that don’t serve us), then we strip those things out of our lives. One by one.

Just don’t do them any more.

Instead put that time into what does work and when you are not doing things that do work, enjoy it… it’s time to relax, enjoy the space, enjoy the breathing time. That works to, for everyone. 

There is a beauty in nothingness, there is space in emptiness, it leaves space for clarity, it leaves space to feel. To feel what is right in our lives.

A life full of joy, relaxation, impactful success and good feelings comes from slowing down and doing all the best things for YOU.

So what are you going to do?