15 November 2016

How To De-Stress Our Lives, Live Happier And Not Do Pointless Sh*t.

How To De-Stress Our Lives, Live Happier And Not Do Pointless Sh*t


In this day and age life is throwing a million things at all of us, it can seem overwhelming sometimes the amount it seems we have to get done in our day-to-day, then added to that are our relationships with others, our family commitments and responsibilities, all the things we promised we’d do for others.

Added on top of that is the pure noise that the world of social media, television, mobile phones, and email is bringing to us.

The thing is, within all of this… We often put ourselves last, we put our health last, we put our happiness last, we put our self-care last.

Everything gets in the way…

At least so we say it does.

I often hear of a lot of people who are living stressful lives and I want to help them I really do.. But honestly for some people the stress of their lives almost becomes a part of them, they begin to identify with the drama created around it all.

I know this because they simply don’t do the things they KNOW they must do, to live a healthier, happier life.

I hear it time and time again, “I know I should do that, but…..” The excuses are at the ready, every time.

Would you like to know the hard, honest truth?

We make our own stress and drama. We all have a lot more time than we say or think we do.

The thing is...

Most people do a lot of POINTLESS SHIT.

I know this because I do from time to time, and have in the past done a lot of pointless shit… I am not alone in this….

Time consumed with pointless shit is less time for our own self-love and self-care, it’s less time to slow down and contemplate our lives, putting it all into perspective. 

Here’s a list of very pointless shit that consumes our very precious time in our day-to-day that could be geared toward helping us be happier, live stress free, do things we actually love and be the real us again.

  • Checking our phones.
  • Scrolling any social media sites with information we know in our hearts we give no shit about at all.
  • Watching television programmes. The amount of pointless time-consuming, addicting content on the television is insane. It is so easy just to veg out in front of the television flicking through the channels after a busy day, but how much happiness does it actually bring us?
  • Spending any time worrying about anything that we can’t actively control.
  • Arguing with each other.
  • Getting sucked into the drama of our partners, our children, our friends, our family etc..
  • Spending any time with people who create drama.
  • Talking with others about others in a harsh judgmental way.
  • Spending time with people who bring us down.
  • Living with partners that have no self-love, who are not willing to change and drag us down with them.
  • Living with partners who don’t support us in all areas of life.
  • Doing jobs we hate, so we can buy things we don’t need.
  • Going to the pub and drinking the weekend away.
  • Laying in bed until late on the weekend, leaving no time for the things we actually love.
  • Watching or listening to the news.
  • Reading newspapers.

The list can go on…


Here’s the almighty solution!

Stop. Doing. Pointless. Shit.

Suddenly we have a lot more time, suddenly there is less noise in our head, suddenly we have slowed down enough to see perspective, suddenly we have time for self-care, suddenly we have time to do those things we are actually passionate about, suddenly we have time for health and vitality.


The next step is cultivating discipline.

Discipline is simply our ability to create new habits and do those habits over and over again, they just become a way of life, just like brushing our teeth in the morning (You brushed your teeth right?).

So what new disciplines can we add to our day to day that help us live with less stress, help us be more happy, and have a higher level of health, vitality and self-care?


Here’s a few that may just change your life. I am genuinely serious, for many of us these things are absolutely life changing:

  • Spend time doing nothing.

Just sit down and do nothing… it’s okay to do that… Feel your feelings, watch your thoughts come and go, contemplate existence… Just f*cking breath. (This is also called meditating, I thought if I wrote that first it might scare you off).


  • Do something you love doing.

Personally I love going for walks in nature, I love climbing, I love spending quality time with my girl, I love writing, I love coaching, I love reading, I love yoga etc… What do you love? Maybe you don’t feel like doing it? Then simply get that arse up and do it. You deserve to do it. As much as possible.


  • Drink more water, my god.

Why do people not do this… It’s mad. Water is life, we are made of water, it is part of us, yet many of us drink very little of it, if any at all. With full hydration we have better skin, better hair, better strength, better muscles, better energy, better nails, better organs, better sex, better recovery, better sleep, better relationships, it just makes everything so much better. Why is it hard to drink water when we wake up? Why is it hard to constantly drink it throughout the day? It’s so available to us, let’s be grateful for that!

  • Spend quality time with the ones we love or love to have around.

Face to face, completely present with each other, being honest with each other, opening up, supporting each other, laughing, loving, playing…

Cultivate a tribe of people you absolutely love to have in your life and be with them.


  • Exercise.

There are a million ways to exercise, all we have to do is pick something that suits us, what we get a kick out of, and do it.. Lots. Yes the television looks very appealing, but is it going to make us feel more energised, accomplished, sexier, and healthier? NO.


  • Reading and watching powerful, inspiring, life-giving information.

Many people say they watch the news because it’s important to keep up with the world. But is it? How much has the average person helped the world by watching the news? I would say it actually has the opposite effect, us watching it makes the world worse. It brings nothing but fear and negativity to our lives until it eats away at our very soul, so even looking at a stranger on the street brings anger and distrust. Madness. Instead what we can do is cultivate ourselves to bring nothing but empowering love into the world through what we create day-to-day. There are many, many beautiful human beings doing great things who all have articles, books, You tube channels, Facebook pages, movies, and documentaries to get a daily high off of! Change the world, don’t just sit and watch it burn.

While writing this article I can feel a lot of frustration in my heart, I really care.

I know so many people who need to make these changes so much, but keep on living in a cycle of destruction.

It’s time to step up and be there for ourselves.

F*ck. If we look after ourselves we can be better people for those we love.

We can be better parents, lovers, friends, children.. It’s up to us to bring our best self to the world, and not be held back by pointless shit.

Can I ask you a favour? 

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