17 January 2017

The Expansion Of Our Care Capacity

Within this article I will explain the power we all hold and how this can be accessed more easily through our ability to expand our care capacity. This article is an honouring of you the individual reading this, you are power in it’s most incredible form, you have the power of the universe within your very being and the sooner you believe it and feel it the better.

For those that read this and take this power on and commit to loving from the core of your being, I honour you and thank you. You are extraordinary.

Human beings……. A species with extraordinary potential.

More potential than any other species on the planet, no longer purely running off of animalistic instincts, we have evolved into animals with a powerful, intelligent, highly logical brain as well as being able to connect with our all important heart intuition to make the best choices.

We are so powerful because we can make choices and decisions that serve us, the people we love and the planet earth.

We have this incredible capacity to care and love and shine bright like no other species on the planet.

Having said that the biggest problem we face is our inability to choose a path of living that doesn’t steer toward personal success, selfish greed and little else.

The problem is although we are given the gift of choice, often fear is choosing to run our lives for us and even more worryingly, fear is running the show behind the scenes in our subconscious mind.

There is a system in place within the world that keeps the majority of people in a state of fear.

Why? Because the people in power, the people with riches are also living in a fearful state, their fears create selfishness, greed and a constant striving for more power at the expense of anything or anyone that stands in the way.

Their power is their identity, it scares the sh*t out of them to not have that control, to not have those riches.

They avoid the pain of their pasts, their childhood, they avoid being vulnerable at all costs, they keep their hearts locked away, closed tight to any feelings of true love or care because if they did open their hearts they know they would have to feel their inner pain, all the emotional pain of their past and what destruction they have caused on their journey to ‘success’.

These people have little capacity to care for anyone outside of the people closest to them, even then they would likely step on their families for the insanity of the desire for more personal power.

The people in power have a system in place that keeps this fear running the show for all that follow it.

It is this fear that instead of driving people to success and fortune is instead doing the opposite, it is creating a box around us that doesn’t allow us to expand and reach our true potential as infinite beings of love and light.  

It keeps us thinking only about ourselves, our personal lives, our petty problems, the dramas and stresses of the happenings of our day-to-day, it also creates in us a judgment of others, a fearful perspective of other human beings and animals that are outside of those closest to us.

We call them ‘strangers’ and often we care very little for their well-being, we walk past those on the street less fortunate than us without even a side glance.

We struggle to make eye contact with anyone who we don’t know, even the ones we do know we avoid, saying a quick hello and scuttling off into the distance, we pretend we are busy, giving little of our time to anyone.

The television, the news, the radio, mainstream music is all geared toward making this separation between people more prominent in our minds.

It teaches us to have a very negative view on those we don’t know.

It also teaches us to keep closed around others and not to expose our hearts, as if everyone is out to get us and hurt us.

No wonder so many of us are socially anxious, scared to speak up, afraid to talk to random people and afraid to make friends, no wonder we are scared to try new activities in case anyone is watching, we mustn’t fail, we mustn’t make mistakes, we mustn’t shine too brightly in case somebody notices us.

If this planet is to survive, each of us must make a shift from being stuck within the fear-filled system, to becoming free beings of extraordinary shining light.

What do we need to do to live more lovingly and fearlessly?

We need to expand our care capacity.

Our care capacity is how much we can extend out true caring for other beings of the planet, both sentient and not.

It is our ability to live within our hearts and expand that loving perspective of the world out from our heart centre.

Fear keeps us within our heads caring only about ourselves, love keeps us within our hearts caring about everything and everyone within the universe we live in.

We are all connected, everything is connected.

Let me ask you something:

Would you love to be free of social fears?

Would you love to have great connections wherever you go in your day-to-day?

Would you like to smile more?

Would you like to live happier and stress free?

Let me ask you something else too:

Would you love to make a difference to the planet?

To help others with their own lives?

To be kind and loving?

To support each other on our separate journeys?

Would you love to be able to save the most important part of the planet, nature?

Would you love to save rainforests from being destroyed, animals from being exploited for money dead or alive?

Would you love to see others smiling around you?

To laugh with you?

To appreciate you?

Hopefully many of us would in fact love these things, all of the above effect each and everyone one of us on some level.

All of it.

We can achieve all of it too, it’s within our reach.

A new system of living has to come into place for this earth to really thrive and for any of us who aren’t yet ready to care for the earth around us then let me tell you this:

A new system of living will change each individual’s life for the better, more happiness, less fear, no anxiety, more loving relationships, less monetary struggle, a better quality of life.

We achieve all of this through expanding our capacity for caring.

Outside of ourselves, our desires, our wants and needs, our emotions and feelings, outside of the ones closest to us, outside of our pets, outside of the plants in our garden and home, all of it.

We must start caring for the whole planet, because we are the whole planet, we are all connected as one.

We aren’t separate from the planet, we are everything and everything is us.

The planet is in need of a radical change, systems that once ‘worked’ no longer are viable ways of living and sustaining the earth that we live on.

Many people are forgetting that we need nature to actually survive on planet earth.

We NEED nature.

Yet many people are contributing (knowingly or unknowingly) to the destruction of everything that keeps us alive.

People often get very defensive about other people who are living a life that serves the planet, they feel they are being forced to do something by people who call themselves “Vegans” or “Activists”.

The fact is those of us who are vegan or activists or mindful in our choices aren’t doing it to be high and mighty and to think we are better than everyone else, we are doing it because we have taken the time to become aware of the mass global destruction that is happening every single day and realising we are responsible, we can’t keep pointing the finger of blame.

The reality is, out of all the billions of human beings on this planet we are all responsible for global change.

Sitting back and thinking others will take care of the earth’s future is KILLING the planet and it is killing each and every one of us, both in soul and body.

Each one of us, is responsible.

What can we do today that can help save the natural world?

What actions can we do today that helps expand our care capacity?

How can we be more loving? How can we be more kind? How can we make others feel great? How can we look after the animals of the planet?

How can we make more mindful choices of eating and living?

Remember, even without those little insects we seemingly feel nothing for, humanity would die out.

Without trees or a healthy ocean, we all die. (It will likely be our children or their children after that.)

Sound over the top? Well unfortunately those things are closer than we think, the planet is on it’s last legs.

A mass global change has to happen.

One individual at a time changing creates a domino effect.

We are so much more powerful than we realise.

Lot’s of us feel powerless to change the world, but we have an infinite amount of power within all the actions we take each day.

We can be the change we wish to see in the world.

There is a reason it feels scary when we feel separate from others, it’s because it’s not our natural state of being.

Our natural state is oneness, it is love.

It is really simple to live in our hearts, it is simple to live without fear of others, without fear of the future, all it requires is that we live selflessly.

It requires us to live in our hearts as often as possible, no more relying purely on our thinking mind.

We must love and we must love with everything we have if the earth is going to survive.