19 April 2016

Each Moment Is A Gift.

Each Moment Is A Gift

Each moment truly lived is a priceless gift,
A rare commodity that sparkles with beauty,
This gift is hidden, shown only to those that seek it,
It’s there for all of us to see, yet many miss it,
For the gift to be shown,
We must first seek it’s beauty, we must celebrate it,
We must choose to see it,
It is everywhere, it is every moment,
It sparkles, it shines, it penetrates our very core,
It wants to be found, it wants to be seen,
It wants to be held by an appreciative heart,
It wants to be chosen with open arms,
For those that seek the gift in each moment,
Are the ones truly blessed on this earth,
Their memories will always overflow with love and joy,
Each moment is an opportunity to feel love,
A love for life,
A love for celebration,
A love for joy,
A love for beauty,
To be able to see, to touch, to hear, to taste,
Each moment lived, is a priceless, rare and hidden gift,
Seek it and it will show itself to you,

Each moment is a gift.