11 August 2017

10 Reasons For Men To Care About The Topic Of “Sexual Energy”

sexual energy

Sexual Energy Is Creation Itself.

Sexual energy is a natural energy: We are born from sex, so naturally we are sex.  

It is our creative energy.

When the painter paints or the poet composes or the musician plays or the dancer dances, these are all expressions of your life force.

Not only are children born out of your sexual energy, but everything that man has created on the earth has come out of sexual energy.

When We Utilise And Take Control Of Our Sexual Energy, Our Sex Lives Can Improve.

With control of our sexual energy, and letting go of our addiction to ejaculation we can be more present and relaxed during sex.

Our Partners can feel our presence, just like we can feel theirs.

If a man is thinking about the end goal during sex, he isn’t present.

If a man is thinking about performance and how well he is doing, or how long he can last than he isn’t present.

Through practice of harnessing one’s sexual energy our sex lives can turn into beautifully connected experiences with no goal and no successes, just present moment pleasure and enjoyment, surrendering into what is.

It is a tool to drive us forward with meaning, purpose and mission as men.

When we harness and transcend our sexual energy, so the energy isn’t “stuck” in our genitals or even our heads then we can allow it move through our whole being (stay with me here), by doing this we can use this energy to productively move forward with our mission and purpose, being who we are meant to be, and doing what we are on this planet to do. Every man’s mission is unique to them and every man can use his life force to produce powerful impact with his actions in the world.

Our Sexual Energy Can Heal Us.

By balancing our sexual energy, which includes both masculine and feminine energy we can be fully integrated beings, what this means is that without this balance our bodies become diseased through blockages of this energy in our bodies. By moving this energy without releasing it, it can move through our bodies and heal any ailments, injury and disease with more efficiency.

When the masculine doesn’t interact with the feminine both within ourselves and with another human being we can feel lonely and depressed, by balancing these energies and interacting with the feminine we feel more connection and joy.

It “Grounds” Us In Our Bodies Rather Than Being Lost In The “Monkey Mind”.

To be grounded, is to be rooted in the earth.

This means our upper energy and our lower energy are in balance.

When we are ungrounded, we are too much head and not enough body (overthinking and worrying, unable to process thoughts in a way that serves ourselves and others).

When we are grounded we can process feelings and emotions and we can do so in a clear and clarified way, we can be more in the moment rather than worrying and overthinking.

We can listen to others more deeply, we can interact with presence and depth, we can make choices and decisions that aren’t created from irrational fear.

Sexual Energy Gives Us Courage.

Courage is one of the most important things to develop in our lives and sexual energy gives us more of it.

To feel the true power of this life force, we must not release very often through mindless ejaculation, if we harness our sexual energy we feel more courageous and willing to do things out of our comfort zones thus opening the pathway for growth in our lives.

It Is A Learning Tool For Deepened Love, Compassion and Empathy.

When we begin using our sexual energy rather than depleting it, we can begin to tip the balance of the scale the other way, meaning that our energy can become highly charged in masculinity.

During those moments we may feel ready to take on the world with our proverbial sword in hand, but we may lose the balance of the feminine energy which gives us compassion, empathy and love in our hearts.

This is a time for learning, to feel when we are unbalanced and to move that energy into more love in the world, which is the greatest use of courage and masculine strength we could possibly use it for.

To learn to be loving and compassionate even when we feel the most manly and masculine is spiritual and emotional growth.

Our relationships will flourish if we do this.  

Sexual Energy Is Attractive.

A man’s sexual energy is attractive to the world of women (and yes other men) just like the masculine desires the feminine as does the feminine desire the masculine. Woman/men unconsciously or consciously will feel this masculine edge, they will feel the strength, they will feel the courage, they will feel the presence, they will feel the groundedness.

Sexual energy is attractive, by depleting it through chronic ejaclutation we lose this attractive force.

Sexual Energy Is A Tool For Surrender And Acceptance.

Sexual energy is surrender, surrendering to the energy that pulsates through our bodies, it is an acceptance of who we are, we are sexual beings, it is our nature.

Every single one of us, male or female are sexual beings.

By being on this journey of harnessing our sexual energy we surrender to who we are, we release shame and guilt around our sexual energy.

Without this repression we can better relate in the world with authenticity, with desire and with a depth of love both for ourselves and others.

It is our life force, energising our lives.

Sexual energy gives us life, energising our everyday lives.

With less of it we feel depleted, we feel ungrounded, we feel tired and drained.

Sexual energy matters.

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