24 August 2017

How To Be More Authentic In 3 Simple Steps


There are so many people out in the world that want nothing more than to be who they really are, to feel courageous, to be vulnerable, to express their truth, to be really seen by others for who they really are.

These people want to feel alive, to connect in a deep and meaningful way with others and to be loved for who they really are.

Many of us are crippled by fear when it comes to expressing who we really are, to be vulnerable and speak our truth can sometimes feel like a momentous challenge.

I mean I am good at speaking my truth now, but I sometimes have moments when the words are “stuck in my throat” and my lips are trying to move and none of the words I intended to say get said, minutes go by, and I am thinking it through, I am getting close, “it’s scary!” my mind screams, “What will be the outcome of saying these words!?” and then finally I let go, I speak the truth I intend that is bubbling and overflowing within me and I feel so much better for it, I am vulnerable now and it’s scary but it’s one of the most fulfilling feelings on the planet, I feel alive.

Yes it is scary sometimes to be real, but that’s just it, it’s real, it connects us to what it means to be a human being, with real feelings and emotions. 

If you want to really use those very real human emotions and feelings to benefit yourself and others you can read more here - "How To Use Empathy To Eradicate Social Anxiety, Depression And Disconnection".

To come alive, we must be real, authenticity is freedom.

What if all the things we say we want like filling our days with work or creations that fulfill us, experiencing incredible intimate relationships, having close friendships and even being more respected and trusted in the world. What if all these brings came from a deeper level of living authentically as ourselves?

What would happen if we were relentlessly ourselves to the fullest extent possible?

Imagine being able to accept yourself as you are, authentically expressing your truest self in all the forms that may take everywhere you go, without ever hiding anything, without ever living a lie.

Imagine the energy and excitement you could feel and give to the world by being relentlessly YOU.

The thing is we create more of what we live fully, we create more in the world around us by creating and going deeper into who we are actually being in the world.

Actions are wonderful, but who are we being behind those actions is what matters the most.

Here Are 3 Simple And Powerful Ways To Start Being More Authentic, Right Now:

(Warning - You May Begin Feeling Very Much Alive If You Take These Steps).

Let Yourself Have That Freedom.

The first and most important step to being authentic is to actually allow yourself to be you, we are literally the only people stopping ourselves living the life we truly want, please see that.

We are one consciously chosen action away from living the life that allows us to come alive.

If we give ourselves permission to be ourselves, we don’t need that permission from anyone.

If we accept ourselves (no you do not have to do anything first to accept yourself, so don’t wait) then we do not need acceptance from anyone else.

Freedom is already there for you to take, you are the one with the key to the lock, you just keep forgetting that.

Begin Taking Small Steps.

….and do that over and over and over again.

What’s the smallest actionable step of authenticity you can do right now? Today?

What would it be? Yeah it’s simple right? Do that.

Learn To Love Your Fears.

One of the things we haven’t been told is that fear isn’t actually a bad thing, it’s simply the relationship we have with our fear that is the problem.

If we learn to accept our fear and actually be thankful for it’s presence in our lives, then we can use it in the way life wants us to, which is a tool for growth.

You can read the article I wrote on this here -  "The Magic Of Accepting Our Fear"

If we learn to love our fears, then we can begin moving the direction of that fear, we can begin to embrace the challenges and the discomfort. This is the essence of what it means to be alive, we just forget that because we aren’t present to it, we are resisting our fears instead of accepting them for what they are, which means once again we aren’t accepting of ourselves as human beings. Human beings feel fear, fact.

So what's next? 

Being more authentic in our lives is a journey of self-love and self-discovery, I have an Ebook called "Self-Love, Creating The Freedom To Be You" if you would like it, you can put your email in below and receive it straight to your mail box. 

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With love, George. 


About the Author: 

My name is George Howard, my life’s mission is to be relentlessly ME, to BE alive and to liberate others wherever I go so they can do the same.

I believe wholeheartedly that the freedom to be ourselves is vital to living a fulfilled life, to be authentic, to be the real us, to not hide away, to be vulnerable and accept ourselves completely. 

The coaching and writing I create allows my inspiring clients and readers to come alive in their own lives. 

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