20 September 2017

Stop Pretending You Want Something And Become An Action Taker


Have you ever said you wanted to have something or do something, yet it never seemed to happen?

We live in a world of wants, where very little action takes place, we want this, then the next day we want something else, then we see something on social media and suddenly we feel we want that instead.

I hear it all the time - 

“I would love to do that”.

“I wish I could do that”. 

“I want a loving relationship”.

“I would love to to have my own business”.

“I would love to travel more”.

“I want to lose weight”.

“I want to be healthier”, and the list goes on and on. 

We are pretending we want what we say we want, but we aren’t being truthful.

Pretenders live in a state of wants, but months and years go by with very little of what they said they wanted, actually being created in their lives. Pretenders aren’t creators and they aren’t even dreamers, they just latch onto any idea that lookS slightly interesting to them, they change their mind constantly and everything seems appealing to them, anything to avoid actually taking decisive action in their lives. 

With the work I do in my co-creation conversations, I normally have two types of conversations with potential clients, the first type of conversation gives me energy and inspiration, the second type of conversation drains my energy and inspiration.

Can you imagine which type I love to work with?

Yeah you guessed it, the energy giving, inspirational ones. The action takers. 

I don’t work with pretenders, the second type, the ones that say they want something, but are never willing to do what it takes. 

When people really want something, they move toward that no matter what the cost, pretenders don’t, they make excuses, they do everything they can to avoid discomfort in their lives, they avoid every single action that matters most, they complicate everything, putting as many obstacles in the way as they can find. 

Start doing what it takes. 

Action takers listen to their intuition of what they actually want and then they envision that want into actionable steps.

Action takers say something like "I want to be healthier" and they create a reason why, they feel into what it will really take and they make sure they are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to succeed with that. 

It won’t always be comfortable, they won’t always have complete freedom over what they eat, they may have people doubting their efforts but they don’t care about any of that, they truly want to be healthier and they will do what it takes. 

Action takers don’t pretend, they create. 

Action takers want something and they make that known, they are then relentless with that want, they don’t get distracted by should's and shouldn'ts and they certainly don't get distracted by others opinions of whats good for them.

Action takers take decisive action and their intuition keeps them on track.

Here’s how to become an action taker:

  • Be honest about what you really want (with yourself).


  • Be brutally honest about what you actually want (with yourself).


  • Find the why behind what you want. Why is it so important to you??


  • Ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice for that want.


  • Make a commitment.


  • Create an action plan (baby steps are fine). 


  • Stay away from the comfortable actions when uncomfortable options are available.


  • Minimise distractions.


  • Do not be distracted from what you want.


  • Take decisive action


  • Take more decisive action.


  • Be patient


  • Be persistent. 


  • Enjoy the journey.


  • Do what it takes. 


  • Be relentless


Taking action toward what we really want in life takes self-awareness, a willingness to be the best and a lot of self-love.

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About the Author: 

My name is George Howard, my life’s mission is to be relentlessly ME, to BE alive and to liberate others wherever I go so they can do the same.

I believe wholeheartedly that the freedom to be ourselves is vital to living a fulfilled life, to be authentic, to be the real us, to not hide away, to be vulnerable and accept ourselves completely. 

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